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Special Forces 'Black Roses'

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Special Forces 'Black Roses'.png Special Forces 'Black Roses'

Awakening Active Skill

Male Spitfire

Command: Upkey.pngUpkey.pngDownkey.pngDownkey.pngZ.png
Prerequisite Level: 50
Prerequisite Skills: None


Summons the Black Roses, a special force unit of 4 Female Gunners, for a covering fire.


  • SP per level: 0
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cooldown: 150
  • This skill consumes 5 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -4.0% Cooldown -2.0% on Command


  • The Black Roses follow you when you move and stop when you stop. They follow in the order of Rosanna (Shotgun) first, Olivia (Rifle 2) second, Anusika (Rifle 1) third, and lastly Esmeralda (Grenade Launcher).
    • The Black Roses won't follow you until you move a certain distance away from Rosanna. Additionally, they will directly follow the path you take instead of the shortest path to you. While stopped, they will fire whichever direction you are facing.
  • Using the skill again forces them into concentrated firing mode, greatly increasing their firing rate, removing their cooldown and shot limits, and locking them in place. While in this mode they will continue to fire in the same direction regardless of which way you face. Using the skill key again removes concentrated firing mode and allows you to re-position them again.
  • Once the skill has 5 seconds left on its duration, they will automatically enter focus firing mode. You cannot exit focus firing mode once this has begun.
  • This skill automatically increases in rank as the character levels up
  • This skill gains bonuses at certain skill ranks
    • Rank 3: Increases the shrapnel gunner's stun chance, level, and duration
    • Rank 6: Decreases the grenade launcher's cooldown and increases her attack range.
    • Rank 9: Increases the rifle women's shot count.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Duration Rosanna
Buckshot Gunner
Rifle Gunner
Rifle Gunner
Grenade Gunner
Attack Cooldown Stun Attack Count Cooldown Attack Count Cooldown Area Attack Cooldown
Chance Level Duration
1 50 1000 36.0 sec 573% 1.0 sec 26.3% 57 2.0 sec 143% 10 0.7 sec 172% 5 0.5 sec 255px 861% 1.5 sec
2 55 1151 37.1 sec 709% 29.6% 62 2.0 sec 177% 212% 1062%
3 60 1302 38.2 sec 842% 50.0% 72 2.5 sec 211% 252% 1264%
4 65 1453 39.3 sec 978% 52.6% 77 2.55 sec 244% 294% 1466%
5 70 1604 40.4 sec 1112% 56.0% 82 2.5 sec 278% 334% 1668%
6 75 1755 41.5 sec 1247% 59.2% 87 2.5 sec 312% 374% 300px 1869% 0.7 sec
7 80 1906 42.6 sec 1381% 62.5% 92 2.5 sec 346% 415% 310px 2071% 0.7 sec
8 85 2057 43.7 sec 1516% 65.8% 97 2.5 sec 378% 455% 320px 2272% 0.7 sec
9 90 2208 44.8 sec 1650% 69.1% 102 2.5 sec 412% 15 495% 7 330px 2474% 0.7 sec


Male Spitfire Skills
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Passive:None! Please add appropriate skills to Category:Male Gunner Skills and Category:Passive Skills
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General Skills
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