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Summer Madness - Summer 2010

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The Summer Madness avatars were originally temporary, but players were later given a chance to make them permanent by paying extra NX.
Classification: Event/advanced avatars

Each piece has greater stats than your average advanced avatar, but they still count as advanced avatars. They cannot be obtained from Bind Cubes or the Gachapon, though. There is no additional bonus for having all of the Summer Madness avatars.

Slot Bonus
Head +24 Mp Per Min
Strength +5
Intelligence +5
Top Both Starting Skills +1
Strength +5
Intelligence +5
Bottom HP max +150
MP Max +150
Strength +5
Intelligence +5
Shoes Movement Speed +5%
Strength +5
Intelligence +5

Avatar names


  • Hat: Slim Black/Red Sunglasses
  • Top: Green/Red Tribal Sleeve
  • Bottom: Black/Teal Swim Trunks
  • Shoes: Green/Red Slide Sandals


  • Hat: Black/Red Tinted Sunglasses
  • Top: Red/Lime Sash Bikini Top
  • Bottom: Red/Lime Sash Bikini Bottom
  • Shoes: Gold/Silver Stone Anklets

Male Gunner

  • Hat: Purple/Black Reflective Goggles
  • Top: Red/Black Life Jacket
  • Bottom:
  • Shoes:

Female Gunner

  • Hat: Exotic Purple/Red Flower
  • Top: Black/Red Flame Bikini TopBlack/Red Bikini Top
  • Bottom: Black/Red Flame Bikini Bottom
  • Shoes: Black/Red Strap Sandals


  • Hat: Dainty Blue/Pink Swin Cap
  • Top: Dainty Blue/Pink Bikini Halter
  • Bottom: Dainty Blue/Pink Bikini Bottom
  • Shoes: Teal/Bronze Jewel Anklets


  • Hat: Thick Black/White Sunglasses
  • Top: Deep Green/Brown Dragon Tatoo
  • Bottom: Blue/ Red Diving Briefs
  • Shoes: