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Summoner Kate
Age ?
Sex Female
Race Pandemonian
Occupation Creator of Central Park, Elementalist, Summoner, APC
Location Central Park

Summoner Kate, also known as Elementalist Kate, is the creator of Central Park. She can be seen in the Female Mage's intro cinematic.





Conversation start in Central Park

  • How do you like being in Central Park? It may not be as good as Arad, but I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Speaking of which, why don't you tell me about Arad? How are the forests in your world? Are they really big and lush? I'd love to see them with my own eyes one day.
  • What kind of magic system is there in Arad? I'm curious to know if it's different from Pandemonium's, and what kinds of similarities they share. I'd love to talk to some famous magic users in Arad.
  • I'd like you to tell stories of your adventures to the children of this place. They rarely have a chance to meet great teachers like you. You'll be a great influence on them. *Chuckle* Don't worry. Just tell them the things you saw and felt, and that'll be good enough.