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Does anyone else have something like this?

I got this katana a long time ago from a pot (I'll try not to be redundant with information).

+6 Legacy: Mystic Katana of Asrai
2.8 kg     2,688 Gold
Durability: 35/35     Untradeable
Level Requirement: 10     Exceptional
Physical Attack Strength +121
  Piercing Physical Attack Strength +19
Magic Attack Strength +139
  Piercing Magic Attack Strength +21
Strength +9
Intelligence +14
Upward Slash Skill Lvl +1
Katana Mastery Skill Lvl +1

I noticed it wasn't on the list but I wasn't sure how to put it up myself. If anyone could modify this data and put it up it would be much appreciated.

--Aramard99 22:31, 12 February 2011 (PST)


~ Loton (2/3/11)

Ghost Fate Katana

Does anyone actually have one of these, or happen to know the exact stats on it? As I recall, Ghost Drive doesn't have a cooldown, so it seems rather odd that a weapon would decrease it.

~ Loton

Could be talking about the charge time of Ghost Drive? Normally it takes like a second to do it. Perhaps cooldown is a reference to that?


Hmmm...only one way to find out. Time to farm Hell Mode~!

~ Loton

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