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Large enemies that are usually occupy twice, or more, the area a character takes up; while this makes their hitbox larger, it also increases their attack ranges. Recommended to flee on the y-axis and to make use of their specific vulnerabilities and cooldown times.

Name Description Location
Tau Warrior Basic Tau. Has a charge attack and a smash attack. Lorien Hollow
Blazing Grakqarak
Tau Beast An extremely large Tau. Has a smash attack and a roar/stunning attack; learn to stay behind him when he prepares to smash Mirkwood
Blazing Grakqarak
Shadow Thunderland
Tau Assaulter A dark Tau. Tends to use charge attack during which it has super-armor Thunderland
Blazing Grakqarak
Tau Guard A white Tau. Has an Axe slam with a large forward splash. Tends to guard against frontal attacks, which is easily broken with a grab, from behind, or with magic. Mirkwood Frost
Blazing Grakqarak
Tau King Shauta Boss of Grakqarak, has a charge attack like the Assaulter that causes bleeding and an axe attack like the Guard but no guard. Smaller than the Tau Beast but considerably more mobile. Combo him on his cooldowns. Grakqarak
Mini Tau Mini Tau Beasts; they help assist the Tau Captain in Vilmark. Vilmark - Area 50
Tau Captain Red-colored Tau warrior that's extremely powerful. Has a large range of attack and can charge from far off the screen. Regenerates HP based off the number of Mini Taus in the room. Vilmark - Area 50
Hyper Mecha Tau Boss of Vilmark; a hybrid mechanical Tau with a large variety of attacks. Can summon Alarm Bots that can summon additional enemies from the dungeon. Vilmark - Area 50

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