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Template:Quest list

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This template lists all quests that satisfy the search criteria.


{{Quest list
| name = 
| item objective = 
| item reward = 
| npc = 
| dungeon = 
| type = 
| format = 


Filter by the name of the quest.
item objective 
Filter by the wiki page of the item that is required to complete the quest.
item reward 
Filter by the wiki page of the item that is rewarded upon quest completion. If no other filter is set, defaults to {{PAGENAME}}
Filter by the wiki page of the NPC that is offering the quest.
Filter by the wiki page of the dungeon where the quest takes place.
Filter by quest type.
Result format. Set to ul for a bulleted list or list for a comma-separated list. Defaults to list if name is set, defaults to ul otherwise.


{{Quest list|item reward=Refined Interdimensional Crystal}}

{{Quest list|npc=Bai Ming}}