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The End of Luke

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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To Zelva with a Heart Full of Hope

Level 86
Quest Giver Kasijas
Briefing Kasijas: "You're not going there to have fun. Depending on the situation, you might have to kill an Apostle. Are you sure you can do that to Luke?"

Niu: "I can't say I am, but Kasijas, there' something I have to know. Someone has been completely different person all of the sudden, and I want to know why."

Kasijas: "Obviously, that's Luke's doing. No one can change all of a sudden without intervention from some higher forces."

Niu: "..."

Pai: "...Sister."

Niu: "...Okay. I don't want to be a burden. Someone has to stay here and watch the forest, anyway. Adventurer, if you happen to meet Aslan in the Castle of the Dead, could oyu please ask him if he doesn't want to come back? I know we've just met and it's presumptuous of me to ask you personal favors. And Pipi probably wouldn't approve of this, but Aslan is the reason why we're here. I can't... I can't leave him the way he is. Ah... Thank you. Thank you so much, Adventurer."

Dana Donatel: "Then... Von, what are you going to do? You might have to be responsible for Luke's death, and that's not what you want, is it? Why don't you stay here?"

Hunter Von: "*Whine* But I'm a member of my guild. I dread waht we might have to do, but I don't want to run away. And my friends need me to navigate the way back for them. Adventurer, I didn't sit around with my thumb up my butt while you were busy fighting. Instead, I've checked all the bypaths and resting spots. I Bet no one knows the routes between Central Park and the Castle of the Dead better than I do. *Ahem*"

Dana Donatel: "Ho ho. I see. Then please forget what I said. Now, Adventurer, it's time you leave and bring hope back to those who have been waiting for you."
Objectives Return to Zelva and talk to Hunter Von.
Upon Completion Hunter Von: "Ugh, I knew that route by hear, but I didn't know it'd be so tough using it. Maybe I should choose an easier route than a shortcut next time... *Whine* By the way, the Castle of the Dead looks more dreadful than it was before. Luke..."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Hurry Back to Luke

Level 86
Quest Giver Hiram
Briefing Hiram: "You're back. Did you find a way to break Luke's seal?"

Isabella: "I did. How's Luke?"

Hartz: "He's still silent, but the energy of th Black Nightmare has gotten stronger. It's even reached this far. We were able to block it, though temporarily."

Nevillo Jurgen: "Everyone has been waiting for your return. Both Empyrean and Arad are on the brink of extinction. Please hurry."

Hiram: "I know you just got here, but we can't waste any more time. Stop Luke before it's too late."
Objectives Enter the Sanctuary of Dispersion and break Luke's seal.
Upon Completion Kasijas: "How ironic; the seal that he created to protect himself is being broken by his own power."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Volunteering for War

Level 86
Quest Giver Kasijas
Briefing Kasijas: "While you were away to meet Kate, Luke's soldiers have to have regrouped. Don't you think, Hilder?"

Hilder: "I do. This adventurer thinks he's ready, but he can't take on Luke by himself. The devices in this place are fueling him."

Kasijas: "Well, then let's destroy them all."

Hilder: "Things would be easier if you could just step in, Kasijas, but this is as much as we can do for these humans."

Kasijas: "Damn, I hate rules."

Hilder: "Adventurer, the bead Kate gave you still has some of Luke's light left in it, enough to protect you and your friends against the influence of the Black Nightmare. You can't do this alone. Go ask your friends for help."
Objectives Go to your faction leader and relay Hilder's message.
Upon Completion

  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Altar of Light

Level 86
Quest Giver Hiram

Objectives Explore the Altar of Light with Hiram.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering dungeon:

Hiram: "Since the Imperial Army went left, we should go right. I really hope we'll see them again."

Mue: "I'm worried the same thing that happened before might happen again. Are you sure this device will stay turned on while we're here?"

Hiram: "I hope so. Err? What's this? This energy meter is broken. The level of energy in this place must have been off the chart, to break the meter like this. How much energy has Luke collected?"

Upon finding Aslan:
Aslan: "You. How dare you come in here and try to interfere with Luke? You're unforgivable!"

Hiram: "Ugh... Who's that? Is he even alive? He almost looks like a robot. What? You want to talk things out with him? Well, sure, knock yourself out. If you don't have to fight, I'm all for it."

Aslan: "Niu? You mean, that little girl? She means nothing to me. My soul belongs to Luke now; anyone who tries to stop him is my enemy, even if they were once my friends."

Hilder's Voice: "Adventurer, he's been turned into a heartless killing machine by Luke. The Aradian Aslan that came to Pandemonium is long dead. My heart goes out to the girl who still wants him back, but the only thing we can do for him now is put him out of his misery and free his soul from Luke's clutches."

Aslan: "That's right. If you want to stop me, then kill me, or submit to Luke!"

Upon defeating Aslan:
Aslan: "Luke...Luke...I'm done processing this batch of light energy. Please take it..."

Hiram: "Uh-oh, the energy in this room is being sucked away, into the back of the castle. Is it being sent to Luke?"

Aslan: "*Chuckle* Luke will...grow stronger..."
Upon Completion Hiram: "This guy was a gatekeeper. Everything he did--trying to kill Kate who knew how to break Luke's seal, and waiting here for us--he did it to buy time. But good thing he opened the gate to the inside of the castle, to send energy to Luke. We don't have to waste more time on trying to open it."

Hulk: "What do we do now?"

Hiram: "We go in. We'll only die if worse comes to worst."

Cohen: "But I don't want to die..."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Altar of Darkness

Level 86
Quest Giver Hiram
Briefing Hiram: "What's this place? It has completely different atmosphere from the other place. If the other place was light, this is darkness. The contrast is stark."

Mue: "It's amazing that there's both light and darkness in one person."

Hiram: "Usually light represents good, and darkness evil. Luke has both. He's the hero of Pandemonium, but he's a villain to us. These altars show those extreme sides of him."

Cohen: "That's because we're expecting different things from him, isn't it?"

Hiram: "It is. He's good or evil, depending on which side you're on. But I don't care. I don't like him, and I want to get rid of him. He's toyed with Empyrean long enough. It's going to be a tough fight in here, but that means we're getting closer to Luke. Come on, let's do this."
Objectives Explore the Altar of Darkness with Hiram.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon clearing room B2:

Hiram: "Um... Which way should we go?"

Mue: "Do you want to split up?"

Hiram: "I think we should. I don't feel comfortable dividing ourselves, but I'm counting on the Imperial Army to back us up. Hulk, take good care of the other guys. Don't cause trouble. I didn't forget what you did last time."

Hulk: "Yes, sir. By the way, where's the Imperial Army? I haven't seen them since we came in."

Hiram: "Who knows? Look for them if you want. With the radio down, there's nothing I can do."

Cohen: "...You're so unreliable..."

Upon entering room D2:
Vaughn Walshuted: "Hey, Adventurer! Funny running into you here. Are you alright?"

Hiram: "Imperial Knight Master. What are you doing here alone?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "Ah, things were getting too dangerous, so I left my men behind. They'll keep the retreat route opened for us. I knew I was going to run into this adventurer sooner or later. By the way, I'm sensing sinister energy in front of us. I kind of don't want to get near it... Gosh, I should've stayed with Emily for a little longer."

<Player>: "..."

Hiram: "What's wrong? Let's go."

Upon finding the boss:
Evil Sword Veara: "Halt! What kind of business do you have with Luke?"

Hiram: "Do you have to ask? Your master is bent on destroying Empyrean and Arad."

Evil Sword Veara: "Luke told me to let you in, but he still needs time. I'm going to stop you."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Instead of killing us?"

Evil Sword Veara: "We'll fight to the death, of course. But Adventurer, you're backed by two Apostles and defeated Anton. I'm not confident if I can kill you. But I'm excited for this chance to fight one of the most formidable warriors in this world, and it is all thanks to Luke. Also, thank you for coming this far without getting killed."

Vaughn Walshuted: "I like you. We could've been friends in another life. I'd love to fight you one on one, but we're in a hurry. Adventurer, let's go. Luke is getting stronger, even as we speak."

Upon defeating the boss:

Evil Sword Veara: "*Chuckle* I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for power, and yet I'm far from being strong enough. I should've known I could never become the owner of this castle... My time is over. And Luke is ready. Ahead of you waits the king of Heblon whom I couldn't defeat..."
Upon Completion Vaughn Walshuted: "The gate to the inside has opened. Maybe Luke is really not going to stop us... By the way, who's that? Adventurer, do you know her? She's been following her for a while."

Becky: "...Err? Um, how did you know i was following you? Hey, do you have eyes on the back of your head?"

Hiram: "It's a child. Is that the homonculus Doctor Meryl mentioned? Hm, she's interesting."

Becky: "You knocked down Veara. Are you...are you really going to fight Grandpa Lu--I mean, Luke? You'll die, you know. I'm serious--you'll die."

Vaughn Walshuted: "We'll die even if we don't fight. Why are you here? Are you here to stop us? Do you want to fight?"

Becky: "You fool, when did I say that? I'm not going to fight you. I'm not crazy!"

Vaughn Walshuted: "...Aww...Emily, I'm hurt..."

Hiram: "...Can we be a little more serious?"
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

To Luke's Lab

Level 86
Quest Giver Vaughn Walshuted
Briefing Vaughn Walshuted: "Ah. If you're not here to talk and distract me, then leave. If you're here to see Luke, then go ahead."

Hiram: "I say we get rid of him."

Vaughn Walshuted: "I agree, but I'm a knight: I can't kill children even if they're [not] really children."

Becky: "Even if you want to go to Luke, you can't go right now, you fool! Get in now, and you'll die. How can you not know that?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "What are you talking about? I do hate the energy I'm sensing from the inside, but..."

Kasijas: "That kiddo's right."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Wah! Geez! Um? Uh..."

Hilder: "Don't be alarmed. We're not enemies. I'm Hilder, and this is Kasijas. We were able to enter the castle because you've opened the gate that Luke closed shut. The place in front of you is filled with Luke's Black Nightmare. That small light you have with you is not strong enough to protect you against it. Go in now, and you'll lose your minds to the Black Nightmare."

Hiram: "No, we've come too far to fail our operation."

Kasijas: "Each one of you needs a strong shield, like the blessing Hilder has cast on the adventurer, and she can't cast it for anyone else."

Hiram: "Does that mean the adventurer has to confront Luke by himself? That's too dangerous."

Hilder: "It was also dangerous for us to come here to kill the Apostle. Don't worry. I'll follow him. I may not be able to fight Luke, but I can feel him out."

Objectives Find Luke in Solium Machina.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering dungeon:

Luke: "You came here to see me, with an Apostle in tow. You wouldn't have dared barge in my castle and cause mayhem, if it weren't for him, would it?"

Kasijas: "Hm, is this how you sound, Luke? I was worried you might be mute. Luke, enough with this farce. You've fattened yourself enough with the Black Nightmare. It's time you stop."

Upon finding the boss:
Kasijas: "Don't you think you're too old to play dolls? But you don't have more soldiers to sic on us, do you?"

Luke: "Everything...is ready."

Upon defeating the boss:
Luke: "To what do I owe this pleasure? Are you tired of following battles? Or do you need a place to stay?"

Kasijas: "Hmpf, don't be full of yourself, old coot. How long have you been doing this? You must have been busy orchestrating it without drawing attention."

Hilder: "Luke, stop threatening the future of Arad."

Luke: "Alright, so it's my turn to die, is it? But no. I'm not going down without a fight!"
Upon Completion Kasijas: "I don't know what you want to say. Doing that wouldn't keep you alive--it'll only attract more enemies. Why would you volunteer for trouble? Stop now, or you'll have one more enemy to deal with."

Luke: "Kasijas. Why are you here? Don't you have battles to follow?"

Kasijas: "I've ignored the other Apostles because whatever they did didn't bother me. Sirocco helped distinguish good warriors from posers, and the other have led me to this adventurer. I welcome a ruckus every now and then. It saves me time to look for interesting fights. But what you've been doing is over the line. You want to destroy Arad--but it's my playground! I have nowhere else to go play!"

  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Apostle Luke

Level 86
Quest Giver Luke

  • If player isn't a Grim Seeker: defeat Luke.
  • If player is a Grim Seeker: meet and persuade Luke.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon finding Luke:

After Luke is dead (during one update):
<Gizel pops in through a portal and picks up something from Luke's remains>

Mecha Gizel: "Hee hee! This is it! With this--"
Upon Completion

  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Returning Princess

Level 86
Quest Giver Isabella
Briefing Isabella: "It just doesn't make sense. Why would Father want me back at such a critical time? Someone who doesn't like me has to be behind this."

Vaughn Walshuted: "I understand you're angry, but this order is directly form your father. Your highness, please calm yourself and get ready to leave. There's nothing to be upset about."

Isabella: "There's nothing to be upset about? Sir Walshuted! I cam all the way here and got rid of the biggest obstacle, so I could explore Pandeomonium and achieve what I've planned--"

Vaughn Walshuted: "You came here as an ambassador to promote friendly relations between the Empire and Empyrean. Investigating Luke and coming to Pnademonium shouldn't have been part of your duty, but your father was impressed by your determination and he trusts you enough to let you handle such an important task. And you handled it excellently, and that's the truth. But you're a princess of the great Empire. You shouldn't be so far away from your country. Your people are concerned about your safety, and your father knows that. You're not here to study abroad. Your presence here can invite understandings, which could lead to international conflicts. Please, you have to understand that."

Isabella: "But..."

Cyrus: "Your Highness, no one can dispute your meritorious deed. Please, it's time to go."

Isabella: "But...I mean...This makes me feel like I'm running away like a coward, but we beat him..."
Objectives Talk to Princess Isabella.
Upon Completion Isabella: "...Ah, I'm sorry that you had to see that. I was upset, but now I feel ashamed. It's all right. My father wants me back, so I have to go. Well...I really wanted to continue to explore this world with you. Ah, the time I spent here was like a dream. Things were tough and oftentimes I was too impatient to enjoy the moment, but come to think of it now, this journey must have been my first adventure. It has to be. I was afraid, and yet excited to be in a new place. Perhaps that's why you chose to become an adventurer. I feel like I can understand you better now. I hope I can go on another adventure, and it'll be wonderful if you could come with me."

  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Jurgen's Assurance

Level 86
Quest Giver Nevillo Jurgen
Briefing Nevillo Jurgen: "The Princess must be really disappointed to leave. So am I, to let her go. It was she who made this joint investigation possible, and as a result, we defeated an enemy of Empyrean. Of course, I didn't forget you, Adventurer. You will be named a hero in our history books and remembered by many generations to come."
Hiram: "Adventurer, you [are] here, good. There's something I want you and Sir Jurgen to hear."
Objectives Go to Jurgen and listen to the story.
Upon Completion Nevillo Jurgen: "You must want to talk about the Apostles."

Hiram: "Hilder and Kasijas are nowhere to be seen since Luke's death. I was hoping maybe, Adventurer, you know where they are. You don't know? They didn't tell you. This doesn't bode well. I didn't expect we'd celebrate our victory with them, but I don't like that they just disappeared on us. And why hasn't that castle disappeared already? I thought it'd collapse in on itself when its owner dies. Does this mean Pandemonium and Empyrean will stay connected?"

Nevillo Jurgen: "If so, other dangerous forces in Pandemonium will have easy access to Empyrean. Hmpf, this is not good."

Hiram: "I don't know if you know this, but Her Highness didn't trust what we reported to her, so she sent someone to investigate on her own. Hmpf, I fought for her, and that's hardly a reward."

Nevillo Jurgen: "Her Highness is still inexperienced and has yet to meet all the expectations as a ruler. That's why I'm still the regent. Don't worry. I'll restore Empyrean to order. ..And to do that, I need help. Don't worry about Her Highness or Eagle Eye. Just carry on with our plan. Thse who refuse to move with the flow cannot be saved."

Hiram: "Yes, sir."

Nevillo Jurgen: "Adventurer, don't worry. You risked your life for the peace of Empyrean, and I'll make sure it'll stay peaceful. I give you my word."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Where's Azalea

Level 86
Quest Giver Erica
Briefing Erica: "Um, Adventurer, have you seen Azalea? There was a commotion at the Princess's side, so I went to check, and when I came back, she was gone. Did she go out for a walk? I know she has a lot on her mind and I shouldn't disturb her, but I'm worried about her. I'm sorry, but could you help me find her?"

Hiram: "Ah, Adventurer. Someone sneaked into the Castle of the Dead. Could you go bring him back out? We're spread too thin, having to clean things up here and report everything. Thanks."

Erica: "Oh, what if it's Azalea? But she had not business in the Castle of the Dead. do you think she went in there to check Luke's documents?"
Objectives Search for Azalea in the Castle of the Dead.
Dungeon Dialogue Upon entering Solium Machina:

Grim Seeker Super-strong Monk: "Stop interfering with us. The end of the world is closer now, and it's your fault!"

Grim Seeker Priestess: "Kill that adventurer!"

<Player>: "?!"

Upon finding Azalea:
<Player>: "Smell of blood...? ...!"

Dungeon Dialogue Bubble:

<?????>: "Azalea Lott, this is what happens to those who take sides with the Apostles."
Upon Completion Azalea: "Ah...Adventurer... *Cough Cough* I'm not dreaming, am I? You're not an illusion...but you really are here...aren't you? I'm...glad... Adventurer... Maybe you were right...this time... We can't ignore the danger in front of us...and avoid the danger from a distance... But please remember... The truth is...beyond truths... Getting rid of the Apostles...can only bring about...the end of the world..."

  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold
Notes Azalea Lott will disappear after the quest is completed.

Goodbye, Azalea

Level 86
Quest Giver Roy
Briefing Roy: "Why should I care where Azalea is? Why should I find her? Relying on the sixth sense is an insult to science--err? Adventurer. That's... ... ...Azalea?"

Erica: "Ah, Adventurer, welcome--err? Wah! Azalea? Azalea!"

Roy: "Out of the way. Step aside! Adventurer, what are you doing here? Bring her over here now!"
Objectives Talk to Roy.
Upon Completion Roy: "I-I can't feel the pulse! Her blood... What the hell? It's coagulating! No, no, it's not too late. We just need to shock her heart back into motion--Wait. Hey, don't touch her! I'm trying to save her here! Argh, you stupid broad, I'm talking to you!"

Erica: "*Sob*"

Roy: "..."

Erica: "*Sob* How did this happen? Adventurer, haven't you heard anything? Huh? Th-the Grim Seekers? No... Did they hold her responsible for Luke's death? Is that why..?"

Roy: "Stop saying the obvious, and get some towels to wipe the blood off her face! I'm not letting her die, looking like this! The Soryuns must have done this. Damn, damn! She had to die when I wasn't there to protect her..."

Erica: "Roy..."

Roy: "..."

Erica: "...Adventuer, thank you for being there to listen to her last words. And thank you for bringing her back to us... *Sob*"
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Scattering People

Level 86
Quest Giver Seria Kirmin
Briefing Seria Kirmin: "Adventurer, you came back safely, so I thought the only thing left to do was celebrate... Why did this happen? She was such a kind person. I can't believe she was murdered by her own group. The Grim Seekers... Why did they have to resort to this?"
Hartz: "Hey, Adventurer. Is it true that the leader of the Grim Seekers is dead? She was one tough cookie. How did she die? ...Infighting? I'd better report this to my boss."
Objectives Follow Hartz and listen to his conversation with Vaughn.
Upon Completion Hartz: "Boss, the leader of the Grim Seekers was murdered during some infighting."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Huh? What? This is not good. Azalea is dead. The Grim Seekers are desperate. I didn't think our relationship with them would last long, but... bah, I don't know. I'm sure His Majesty will take care of them."

Hartz: "What do you know?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "What do I know? I know the Iron Wolves will stay in Zelba."

Hartz: "What?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "And I'm off on my own. Hah hah! Take good care of the guys, Deputy Master!"

Hartz: "Where are you going, leaving your men in enemy territory?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "We're not in enemy territory--we're in an ally's. You'd better hope no Empyrean heard you."

Hartz: "Damn it. If you're going to keep ditching us, then give up your Knight Master stamp at least!"

Vaughn Walshuted: "Really? Sure, I've been worried I might lose it, anyway. Here, take it."

Hartz: "Hey, I wasn't serious! Sigh... You're the leader. Where the hell are you going without your men to back you up?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "To see Emily, of course. Emily wants a souvenir from Empyrean. Hey, what do you think I should get her? Huh?"

<Player>: "...Lies."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Huh? What do you mean, lies? I'm a good husband, but I'm not a good shopper. I hate wasting time on thinking about what to get for my wife. ...What? How do you know Emily passed away? Huh. Only Her Highness knows that. I don't think you went to my house. Did she tell you?"

Hartz: "Emily has passed away? When?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "...Forget it. That's not important."

Hartz: "You've been talking about your wife nonstop. How do you think your men will think of you when they realize you've been lying to them about your wife all along?"

Vaughn Walshuted: "Then should I tell them about my private life? I didn't want them to look at me differently, so I lied. If anyone has a problem with that, then they can leave. I wouldn't want them on my team."

Hartz: "Vaughn Walshuted, if we were in our country, I wouldn't care about what you say. But we're in a backwater region in another nation. You shouldn't say things that could be easily misunderstood by your men."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Damn it. Between us two, you've always been the one who gets upset and screams. Why are you being so calm today? Act like your normal self, so I'd know what to say back to you. I--Ah, let's not talk about her anymore. I wasn't there to bury her myself. Please stop."

<Player>: "..."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Anyway, don't worry. I'm not going off on personal business, Deputy Master Krueger. Just wait for me here."

Hartz: "Alright, as you command."

Vaughn Walshuted: "Well then, Adventurer. See you around."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Princess Erje's Request

Level 86
Quest Giver Meryl
Briefing Meryl: "Adventurer, Her Highness is waiting for you on the communication line. She must have something to tell you in person. Why don't you go talk to her?"
Objectives Meet and talk to Princess Erje.
Upon Completion Imperial Princess Erje: "Welcome. I've heard you accomplished your mission. I wasn't surprised. I knew you'd do it, so...Good job. Thank you. I haven't seen you for a long time. I'm sure you have many things to tell me. Everyone, I'd like to talk to the hero of Empyrean in private. Leave us."

Nines: "Yes, Your Highness."

Imperial Princess Erje: "...Finally, we're alone. I didn't want to see you just to say thank-you. I'm telling you this because I trust you, but I--no, all of Ghent--am not in the know of everything that has to do with the Castle of the Dead. Sir Jurgen, the leader of the joint investigation group, has been keeping information from me. Doctor Meryl has caught on and shared with me as much as she knew, most of which came from her acquaintance with the Great General, but that has been intercepted too. More precisely, the recent data that she's sent to me is corrupted, and only the important information is destroyed. I suspect foul play, but whoever did it could claim that it was because of Luke's interference. That's why I've been sending people to pick up the reports for me. Doctor Meryl went out on a limb to provide me with really important information, but she's still not one of the people in the center of this operation, and there's only so much she can find out. Adventurer, I want you to tell me everything you've experienced."
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold

Reporting to Kate

Level 86
Quest Giver Erje
Briefing Imperial Princess Erje: "I see. Listening to you, I can finally put the puzzle pieces together. That's how all of it went down. Thank you. The Coast Guard... I didn't order it to investigate the Castle of the Dead. How dare they lie? How dare they disrespect me in front of everyone? But...There's nothing I can do about it. They may have disrespected me, but they helped protect Empyrean. I can't punish its members for doing the right thing for their country. Sir Jurgen hasn't relieved himself from the regent position yet. His excuse is that I'm still a 'princes' and not ready to rule. What he's doing now is different from what he promised when I accepted the crown. ...No, I shouldn't think this way. I let myself be abducted in times of crisis and left him to deal with the aftermath. He must have his reasons to do what he does. I should focus on making Empyrean prosperous again. I'm sorry. I've been cooped up in the palace for so long that I'm becoming paranoid for no reason. I should go get some fresh air and clear my head. By the way, I've heard a mage named Kate from Pandemonium has been instrumental in the success of this mission. Could you thank her for me? I'm sorry to send you on a long journey when you just got back, but I sincerely want to show her my gratitude."
Objectives Go to Central Park and talk to Kate.
Upon Completion Kate: "Welcome. Thank you for coming all the way here. Did you come to report to me? ...On, the Princess of Empyrean has sent you. Ho ho, I'm honored. She must be busy dealing with the mess Anton and Luke created, and yet she's kind enough to think of me. I haven't been myself since I heard the news. Apostle Luke was as important to use as Apostle Hilder. Even though I know what he did was wrong, still I couldn't help but feel as if I betrayed him. But hearing from the Princess makes me feel better. No one should die an unjust death, even if they are complete strangers to me and have nothing to do with Pandemonium. Right? Oh, what am I doing? This is harder for you than it is for me, and I'm so selfish, talking about myself. Adventurer, would you like some tea? Do you want to talk about what happened?"
  • Expicon.png 227,303 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold
Notes When asking if the player wants tea to or not, Kate won't refer to someone from Pandemonium as an adventurer.

Plans for the Future

Level 86
Quest Giver Kate
Dungeon Red Witch's Forest

Kate: "*Chuckle* You're enthusiastic, aren't you? I like it. Central Park welcomes you. Feel free to stay here when you come to Pandemonium. Niu? She knows that already. She knew he couldn't be saved, but she refused to believe it. She was depressed, but she's getting out of it, slowly. This is one of the things she has to endure. Fortunately, she's strong and her sisters are there for her. She'll get over this soon. Don't worry. ...Oh, right. Kasijas said he'd be in the forest. Maybe he knew you were coming. Why don't you go see him?"
Objectives Find Kasijas in the Red Witch's Forest.
Upon Completion Kasijas: "Hilder knows you're wary of her, but she doesn't care because she's an Apostle, and you're just a human, no matter how powerful you are. You don't think you're the only one who has drawn her attention, do you? You're more impressive than anyone else, but the moment she thinks you've become useless, she'll abandon you without hesitance, like she did Luke. I don't know what Hilder is up to, and I don't care. But I'm not you. If you want to live, if you don't want to be abandoned like garbage, then find out what she's up to. Find out what she knows, what she wants, everything. It's the only way you can survive. Survive whatever fate throws at you. Become stronger. I want it to be you whom I have to fight before I fight Cain."
  • Expicon.png 4,121,773 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 7,632 Gold
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