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Tower of Illusion

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

You follow illusions your entire life just to learn that everything is worth nothing at all; a poignant irony that makes life the greatest gift of all. It's sad that once you learn that, life is just about over. Are you confused? Do you lack meaning in life? Have you lost your way, not knowing what to do? Let me invite you to my world of illusions where you don't have to spend your whole life struggling to find the truth. Just come to me and accept the gift of life that I have to offer you.

Tower of Illusion
Tower of Illusion.png
Location Valley of Fallen Souls
Min. Level 1
Level 40-70
Monster Level Varies
End Boss None


The Tower of Illusion is a special gauntlet-type area, where you must attempt to get as far as you can. In order to move on, you must defeat all enemies on a floor before going to the next. There are 15 floors in total, and the further you go, the harder the enemies get. Consequently, the enemies also get harder if you bring more people with you. However, you're put on semi-even odds with your enemies, as your stats will increase to balance out with the enemies (much like the balancing in PvP). Entering the Tower of Illusion consumes one Dreyfus' Invitation.

  • The Tower of Illusion does not require and fatigue points to enter, nor does it consume any.


Unlike the Tower of Death, you're free to use whatever consumables and cube frag skills you have.

You cannot use life tokens, but you can use "Use" items.

Some moves are also put on automatic cooldown (such as Awakenings), and Summmons don't carry over from one floor to the next, with the exception of a Mech's G-Series skills.

Death & Rewards

Since you can't use tokens here, if you die, that's it. You'll gain Item Cards and extra experience based on how far you made it up the tower. The further you make it up the tower, the more Item Cards and EXP you'll get. However, the max amount of Item Cards is limited to five, and the fifth can only be gotten if you beat your previous record upon completing the tower.


  • Varies from floor to floor. You'll face a wide variety of enemies throughout the tower from other areas, as well as many APCs.
  • Upon defeating all the enemies on your floor, you will recover 50% HP and MP.
Floor Monster Configuration Notes
1F Icon-Hilgave.png  Hilgave x3
2F Icon-Hilgave.png  Hilgave x4
Icon-Progue.png  Progue x3
3F 1 Random low level APC Refer to list below for possible APCs
4F Icon-Tau Beast.png  Tau Beast x4
5F Liay (Mage)
Liay will use Phase Shift and basic Mage skills.
6F Icon-Lightning Kinoll.png  Lightning Kinoll
Icon-Goblin.png  Goblin x4
7F IconExpeller.png  Expeller x4
IconAxe Expeller.png  Axe Expeller x3
8F Daius Bloodhand (Exorcist) Daius uses Furious Grab and Smasher.
9F 1 Random APCs Higher level APCs start appearing here.
10F Icon-Forest Zombie.png  Forest Zombie x4
Icon-Karkazak.png  Karkazak x2
11F Space Fish x8 Space Fish cannot be launched, grabbed or knocked down. They can heal by eating the coral grass in the corners of the room. Will dispel buffs on players they attack.
12F Anastacia (Nen Master)
IconSzak.png  Szak
Floor Name: Absolute Defence
Anastacia attacks with Nen Master skills. Try not to take too many hits as Electrocution will kick in and amplify damage done to you.
13F Crossfire Santiago (Spitfire)
Icon-Karkazak.png  Karkazak x2
Santiago can use Freezing Bullet and Crossmore.(At the moment, Santiago has no weapon, so damage is very weak)
14F Deadly Poison Hidea (Brawler)
IconPoison Marpisa.png  Poison Marpisa x2
Hidea has a vicious Raging Vulcan/Mount that will most likely instantly kill you if you are poisoned by her or the spiders. Get up fast.
15F Sajin the Dragon Swordsman (Blademaster)
Freet X9
Sajin buffs himself with Overdrive, then proceeds to spam Raging Dragon Slash with no cooldown. Can use Draw Sword and Secret Slayer Technique as well. Freets continue to respawn

Random APC List

This covers most of the APCs that show up on the Tower of Illusion.

APC Name Level Floors Skills Notes
Average Slayer AvgSlayer.png 15 3,11,17,23 Ashe Fork, Upward Slash Does basic combos. Will jump and do Ashe Fork.
Common Priest AvgPriest.png 15 3,11,17,23 Giant Weapon Launcher, Slow Heal, Furious Grab, Smasher Does basic combos. Will attempt to heal at low health.
Average Fighter AvgFighter.png 15 3,11,17,23 Hammer Kick, Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick Does basic combos. Will continue to attack you while you're downed.
Myre Striker MyreIcon.png 45 11,17,23 Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick, etc. High HP; usually in Super Armor.
Akaz: Wind Jizun JizunIcon.jpg 50 11,17,23 Tornado Kick, Hammer Kick Will always rush you and attempt to force you into melee combat. Comboes using kick skills.
Akaz: Cloud Lin CloudIcon.jpg 50 11,17,23 Tornado Kick, Air Walk, etc. Will attempt to do aerial Tornado Kick and Air Walk.
Akaz: Sand Horan SandIcon.jpg 35 11,17,23 Sand Splash, Heaven's Net Spams Sand Splash.
Chris Ruckus RuckusIcon.jpg 20 11,17,23 Lucky Straight Punch, Blades of Purity, Slow Heal, etc. Slightly more dangerous than Common Priest, as he can combo attacks easier with cancels. Will attempt to heal at low health.
Wayward Exorcist WaywardIcon.png 20 11,17,23 Enter Nirvana, Lucky Straight Punch, Piercing the Darkness, Phoenix Hammer, etc. Slow Attack, Casting, and Movement Speed.
Fire Terra Cotta Mage FireTerra.png 30 11,17,23 Lantern Firebomb, Fire Pillar, Phase Shift Will use various combination of attacks in conjunction with Backstep. Be wary of Fire Pillar.
(Water) Terra Cotta Mage WaterTerra.png 30 Magic Festival, Frosty's Head, Ice Walls, Phase Shift Be very careful approaching her. You may be lured into getting hit by Ice Walls.
Light Terra Cotta Mage LightTerra.png 30 Florae Circle, Sun Burst, Phase Shift Be very careful approaching her; her Light attacks are close-range.
Shadow Terra Cotta Mage ShadowTerra.png 30 Pluto, Phase Shift, The Void Has no weapon.
Captain Crux CruxIcon.png 20 11,17,23 M-137 Gatlling Gun, Steyr AMR, Jack Spike, BBQ Stay away from his horizontal range and attack from above or below.
Dale of Ashen DaleIcon.jpg 30 17,23 Ashe Fork, Upward Slash, Aerial Chain Slash Mostly tries to do Ashe Fork.
Springtime Hoi HoiIcon.png 25 17,23 Wave Wheel Slasher, Triple Slash, Upward Slash, Ashe Fork Will attempt to combo a lot. Being hit by Hoi's attacks may cause the Sleep or Slow effects.
Valedictorian Elin ElinIcon.png 45 17,23 Muse's Uppercut, Low Kick, Suplex, Tornado Kick, Air Steiner, etc. Will attempt to cast Super Armor whenever possible, try to stop her from doing so. Very aggressive, try to avoid close range combat.