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Greetings~ ಠ_ರೃ

I am one of the main quest editors on the wiki. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints about the format or information, send them to me. I'll try to get back to you whenever I'm available. Note, I can only update when I have free time and as fast as I can level my characters; so please be patient when it comes to updating outdated pages.

If you see an influx of my edits in the Recent Changes during a specific time, there is a high probability that I will be checking in on IRC. If you have any questions, direct them to the IRC name: Altair. I probably will respond within 5 or so minutes.

Characters on DFOG-Cain:

  • Lv. 86 Majesty

I can be contacted in-game with the IGN: Corrin

If you guys have any questions or require help in game, send me a message. I will not respond to item donation requests.


  • I will be updating the PvP values after I'm done with my PvE class skill update quota listed here. Although, I won't be updating skill pages for some time.

Outdated/Incorrect Information

  • If for any reason you find my information on the Wiki outdated or incorrect, just send me a message. I will make sure to update the information ASAP.
  • As for the information, I will be updating the data as soon as I can. I won't be able to update everything on my priorities list since I only update as fast I can level my characters. Feel free to change page data when necessary to update outdated information.

What I do...

  • Update Pages: Cleaning up and updating Quest and Skill pages.
  • Create Pages: I hate dead or non-existent links, particularly if the page is rather crucial to the wiki. I usually create skeletons for new pages that will hopefully be updated in the future.
  • Create Videos: <Postponed> I find that some of the current videos for the Male Mage to be outdated. They do a poor job in portraying the skill's maximum potential and utility. Once the DFO NA Beta is released, I plan to make updated videos of class skills for the Male Mage class and Glacial Master showing the significant differences in skill level or in PvE vs. PvP for particular skills which involves stats such Size, Distance traveled, Multi-hit duration etc... For example, for the new Broken Arrow skill video, I plan to feature the combos and skills that can be done in-between the interval of the Final Attack. If you want me to include any extra information for the videos just send me a message.
    • Note: I plan the following classes in the future (in order of priority): Mechanic (F), Mechanic (M), Spitfire(M), Kunoichi, Spitfire (F), Elemental Bomber, Monk, Crusader, and Soul Bender. If there is any need for video updates for these classes in the future, I will "probably" create videos for them as well.
  • If you need help with something, send me a message. With my main priorities done, I can transition to other class or skill pages upon request.
  • Note: If there is an influx of edits pertaining to a particular page, I am apologize in advance. I have a problem with obsessing over consistent formatting. Either that, or I am tired and miss things while editing.

Other Neat Things

  • If you want to learn how to make tables you can look here: Nue talk page. Not all the formats work for all table sizes, so you have to experiment. Another alternative is ASCII, but I don't recommend it due to it being kind of messy. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
    • Here's some helpful tips:
      • You can declare a table with:
        • class="wikitable" style="background-color: #aaaaaa; text-align:center;"
          • Note: Be sure to surround your table with brackets: {| at the beginning, |} at the end.
      • You can declare a row/column with:
        • !Row/ColumnName
      • You can manipulate maximum row width with:
        • width="NUMBER" |RowName
      • You can manipulate row span and column span with:
        • rowspan="NUMBER" |RowName
          • This is useful when dealing with differences between PvE and PvP.
        • colspan="NUMBER" |ColumnName
          • This is useful when you have various attributes to cover. Ex: Elemental Shift
  • If you want to learn how to change the colors of your table cells, it follows X11 color names (i.e. hexadecimal code) located here: List of X11 codes. For example: #e6e6fa is lavender.
    • You can use the function: style="background-color: #[INSERT X11 COLOR CODE HERE];" while declaring a row/column. This changes the color of the particular cell. Of course, take off the brackets when inserting the X11 code.

Other Sources of Information

  • If you want a skill planner you can use the following link(s):
    • EXRPG.DNF It's a bit outdated, but it enables you to have a pretty good understanding of your basic skill priorities. It does show how the TP skills affect the growth of your skills. It also provides a link to items that boost the level of your skills. Note: This builder does not include the classes for Knight or Second Awakenings. Also, the QP system is outdated.
    • dnf.duowan It's a more recent builder. This builder contains everything, but I can't seem to find a way to display the stats for PvP... Note: Some of the data on this builder has a tendency to be misrepresented or be wrong.
  • Arad Senki Wiki: link

Quest Table Format

The table below is based off of Tea's EpicQuest2 Table template Template:EpicQuest2.

Level Quest level
Quest Giver Quest giver
Prerequisite How to obtain the quest (optional)
Dungeon Which dungeon do the quest take place (optional)
Briefing Text of quest briefing, as presented in quest details in-game (not your personal briefing).
Objectives Steps required to complete the quest, as presented in quest details in-game.
Dungeon Dialogue Text of quest during the dungeon (optional)
Upon Completion Text of quest after completing the quest (optional)
  • Expicon.png Experience points rewarded (just the number) Exp
  • Goldicon.png Gold rewarded (just the number) Gold
  • Bulleted list (*) of any other rewards.
Notes Additional information

Need Help Acquiring Skill Data?

If you ever require skill data up to 85, here's a helpful guide on how to get it through normal means without leveling your character to 85:

  • 1) Get a character to Lv. 35
  • 2) Go to Arena
  • 3) Go through the skill levels with options F4 and F7 enabled to Dungeon. Hover your cursor over the skill icon in your HUD to receive these values. You must save changes to update the values.
  • 4) Record data
    • For fixed damage skills, use the AbsoluteDamage Template with your BAS as the value given in PvP Arena, not the value in Town.
    • This process doesn't work to get the lv. 1 skill values affected by passives that increase skill level such as Unshackle. This value can only be found in town, by saving the skill level to something greater than 1 and decreasing it to 0.
    • Note: Certain skills may be disabled in Arena. If so, edit as much as you are able for the values in Town.
    • Note: This process is intended for basic class skills, NOT Awakening skills. If you have Awakening skill values, send them to me, I'll see if I can find any builders online that have the values. Worst case scenario is that the data may need to be manually inputted, but this is quite rare.

To Do List

Updating Class Pages: 31 of the total 53 class pages

Current Progress:

Class Dungeon Arena
Male Slayer WIP WIP
Weapon Master WIP WIP
Soul Bender WIP WIP
Female Slayer WIP WIP
Sword Master WIP WIP
Dark Templar WIP WIP
Demon Slayer WIP WIP
Vagabond WIP WIP
Male Gunner WIP WIP
Male Ranger WIP WIP
Male Launcher WIP WIP
Male Mechanic WIP WIP
Male Spitfire WIP WIP
Female Gunner WIP WIP
Female Ranger WIP WIP
Female Launcher WIP WIP
Female Mechanic WIP WIP
Female Spitfire WIP WIP
Male Fighter WIP WIP
Male Nen Master WIP WIP
Female Mage WIP WIP
Battle Mage WIP WIP
Male Mage WIP WIP
Glacial Master DONE DONE
Elemental Bomber WIP WIP
Priest WIP WIP
Crusader WIP WIP
Exorcist WIP WIP
Kunoichi WIP WIP

Testing Grounds

Vilmark - Area 50

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