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Base Job Female Slayer
Job NPC Knight Robato
Specialized Weapon Lightsabre
Specialized Armor Leather Armor
Class Information Magic Skills: None
Physical Skills: Percent Damage
Subclass Difficulty: Beginner
Alternate Names Korean: 베가본드
Alternate Names Fencer
Korean: 검호
Second Awakening
Blade Dancer
Alternate Names Blade Empress
SwordEmpress Ani.gif

No place accepted the girls that ran away from the horrible experiment.

It reflected the cold-heartedness of the world but at the same time, it showed how dreadful the chase from the empire was. Most fugitives were killed by the pursuers from the empire or lost their lives from the uncontrolled metastasis energy. However, there were some people who succeeded in completely suppressing the metastasis energy and revolted against the empire.

These people, who succeeded in suppressing the metastasis energy with their innate talent and perseverance, mixed in with the adventurers and learned how to fight. The endless fights that pushed them to the brink of death was also and oppurtunity to turn their swordsmanship into a unique style.

The fighting style using a dual sword and the innate strength that awakens the potential power of the humans is their weapon and their way of survival.

But with the endless torment and wandering, they did not even have time to think about what they should call themselves. The word that someone randomly spit out while looking at their agonizing life became their name and ego. The one and only name they have is Vagabond which means beautiful as the flower and dreadful like thorns.

The Vagabond are Swordsmen that suppressed the power of the transformation with its inherent ability to focus on battle, using its own technique to attack with telekinesis and a splendid dual sword technique.

  • At level 50, Vagabond awakens as a Dualist then at level 75, the Dualist awakens as a Blade Dancer.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect is a short energy sword forming as she opens and closes her hand.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a ring of pink petals swirling around her, then dissipating within her hand as she closes it.

Becoming a Vagabond

The Female Slayer must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blue Guardian Vetala in Silver Crown.
  2. Clear Abandoned Prison.

Awakening as a Dualist

Who dares speak of strength?

Even the most trained warrior may be killed by the needle of a woman

and mountains may fall with a cry of a child.

That is the way of the world.

Who dare speak of weakness?

A needle of a woman can kill even the most trained warrior

and cry of a child can make mountains fall.

That is the providence of the world.

So do not boast strength carelessly.

Because I know the heaviness of the sword, I do not expect others to know its elegance.

Just quietly swinging, as the sword guides me.

What the sword slashes is the flesh and the bones of the enemy,

but the sword cuts away my own pride and habit.

Slash and slash again.

My life, my dream, my happiness. To not lose my mind to the sword that has taken everything away from me.

I will slash and slash again.

To change my strength to weakness and weakness to strength, so that I can follow the journey that the sword guides me.

The Vagabond must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to Knight Robato in Underfoot Master Guild.
  2. Collect 1000 White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragments, 1000 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments, 100 Superior Hardener.png Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Iron.png Superior Irons.
  3. Clear the 30th floor of the Tower of the Dead.
  4. Obtain 10 Formidable Essence.png Formidable Essences from APCs in Tower of the Dead or Tower of Illusion.
  5. Collect 60 Chaos Stone Debris.png Chaos Stone Debris, 120 Seal of Emperor Helm.png Seals of Emperor Helm, and 80 Seal of Empress Skardi.png Seals of Empress Skardi.

Awakening as a Blade Dancer

Who can comprehend the weight that this blade carries.

They only praise it's greatness for it’s beauty

Nobody understands the sacrifice it took to earn it.

I can hear their constant praises.

The endless cheers and well wishes.

Songs and tales that carries my name.

I tire of this endless meaningless charade.

I will no longer hide or run away from the truth.

I will not shy away from the dangers that I will face.

I will show them that I'm no mere tool for their fancy.

I will end it all. I shall no longer live to be ordered around like a dog.

My life is my own and my destiny is what I choose to be.

May those in resentment gain hope. I will now fight for you.

I shall become the symbol of the oppressed.

I will aim vigorously for the freedom and liberty of all.

It matters not, if the journey that I will take is long and a lonely one. As long as there is meaning to it.

This is the burden that I'm willing to carry. Let the name "Blade Dancer" have purpose, and be remembered for all eternity.

The Dualist must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Knight Robato in Underfoot Master Guild.
  2. Enter the Black Dragon Tournament and obtain 30 Black Dragon Energy.png Black Dragon Energy from the APCs.

Knight Robato Awakening - Blade Dancer 1

"Oh it's you. When I saw you from afar, I knew you would be a master of the sword but I didn't think it would be you. You've become quite strong.

However, you don't look all that satisfied... Why?

Oh I see. Even at that level, you have not reached your goal and still have a long ways to go. It's a great attitude but is your goal actually realistic?

Until now, you have swung your sword for survival. No, I am not saying that your experience in real sword fight is lacking.

However, it's sometimes good to go back to basics and learn a different sword technique of another master. I am sure it will be of big help to you.

... M...me? Thank you for acknowledging me but my technique won't match your style. Instead, have you heard of the 'Blade Dancer'?

A few years ago, she appeared like a comet and single handedly defeated all her enemies. After a long and secluded life, she showed herself in style to everyone by winning the tournament.

People gave her the title of 'Blade Dancer' as she showed flawless and beautiful sword fighting skills. Now, she no longer hides from the world. She helps the weak and teaches her sword techniques.

I actually went to her and learned a bit of her technique. If you are okay with it, I could teach you what she thought me. If you learn her skills, you could also become the 'Blade Dancer.'

If you are interested, please come back to me."

"You're here. I hope the techniques of the Blade Dancer will improve your skills greatly."

Knight Robato Awakening - Blade Dancer 2

"Blade Dancers have mastered the an unparalleled the sword technique to reach the level they are at now. The way they make their own path, it's quite like you.

Blade Dancer's techniques are unique in that it is fancy and beautiful. It is said that it was developed that way to attract the attention of others.

A Blade Dancer participated in the tournament just to show off her skills. She didn't even care about winning the tournament. I guess she wanted to become a symbol of hope for those who have lived their lives like hers.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I am sure your values are similar to hers.

So how about this then? Do you know about the 'Black Dragon Tournament' in Shonan?

Join the Black Dragon Tournament and collect 30 Black Dragon Energies. Go through the same experience the Blade Dancer went through.

It will be of great experience to you. Maybe you will come back with a new purpose like the Blade Dancer before you.

Be careful though, the contenders of the Black Dragon Tournaments are also the members of the Tower of Despair, and they are not to be underestimated."

"A new Blade Dancer has been born. Astounding. Now you can live a life for yourself and get away from the nightmares that troubled you in the past."


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  • Despite what the lore says, Vagabond, in reality, means a person that wanders place to place without a home or a job.
  • The Vagabond is the only subclass in the game that is able to wield more than one weapon in their inventory due to having a special slot above their primary weapon.


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