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Sandstorm Varracht

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SandstormIcon.png Sandstorm Varracht
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Occupation Retired Kartel Desperado
Location Ghent Market Street

Sandstorm Varracht is a legendary desperado, his bravery and wild gun-slinging ways have made him a living legend in the lawless district. Sandstorm was once a loyal member of the Kartel, but only when they were a rogue band of free souls, where it was each man for himself, stealing only what they couldn't afford, and taking only what they could give back. But when the Kartels began to militarize, organizing their ranks, he left vowing that he answered to no man’s rule. This Desperado has settled near the Market Street of Ghent, awaiting the day when the Kartels return to what they once were: a lawless band of miscreants.Although old, he still assists you in dungeons such as Midnight Assault and Shrouded Heiz. As you venture through the Time Gate, you face his past as a young skilled ranger as he was an important member in the Kartel Organization.


  • Quest-giver.
  • Sells Lv. 50 - 55 common and uncommon weapons.


Item Level Binding Cost
Old Xiphos.png Xiphos 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Old Bone Tail.png Old Pallasch 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
Crude Sachsen Sword.png Sachsen Sword 50 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
Stubby Claymore.png Antique Battle Sword 55 45,600 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Kageto 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Old Tachi.png Rusty Misogi 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Hard Blow 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Antique Gold Crasher 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Juno 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Crude Pricure 51,300 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Power Grip 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Antique Battle Hora 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Overmaskin 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Antique Chariot 45,600 Goldicon.png Gold
Crude Talon.png Talon 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Crude Jur.png Rusty Spike Cestus 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Twin Beskytter 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Used Baikanfu 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Hoya 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Worn Hearns 51,300 Goldicon.png Gold
Indomitable Midel Matig.png Wild Punk 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Lawless D Revolver.png Old Willock 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Arti Fire 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Old I-Stream 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png High Wind 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Makeshift Black Sparrow 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Composite Pistol 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Secondhand Petronel 45,600 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Flame Injector 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Antique Poche Ballista 45,600 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Ahlspiess 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Used Winged Spear.png Old Scorpion 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
Mithril Rod.png Mithril Rod 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Copper Rod.png Old Ertel Rod 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
Mithril Stick.png Mithril Stick 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Copper Stick.png Crude Ertel Stick 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Mithril Quarter Staff 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Witch Brush 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Crude Flyer 51,300 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Platinum Cross 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Old Ertel Cross 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Platinum Rosary 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Crude Ertel Rosary 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bolk Totem Pole 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Crude Arneb Bolk Totem Pole 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
Steel Great Axe.png Steel Great Axe 50 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
Berdysh.png Antique Decapitator 55 45,600 Goldicon.png Gold
Steel Kuse.png Steel Kuse 50 62,400 Goldicon.png Gold
Scythe (Weapon).png Crude Executor 55 51,300 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Ecter Knife 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Rusty Quivillae 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Philif Dual Blades 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Rusty Crischa 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Logna Demos 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Old Airamos 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Sunekosuri 50 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Old Tsubaki 55 39,900 Goldicon.png Gold



  • I miss the smell of the Lawless District.
  • I remember when the Kartels were once worthy of repraise.
  • Kids these days don't know the first thing about passion.
  • Hah, I fear nothing! I'm always up for a good fight.

Conversation start

  • I guess I'm a legend still.
  • What is it, maggot?
  • What are those good for nothing Kartels up to now?
  • You recognized me.

Request Chat

  • Do you have a dream? Did you sacrifice another dream for it? You have only one chance at living, but you're given enough time to make mistakes and make up for the mistakes.
  • Youngsters look forward to their futures, while old geezers like I tend to reflect on the past. But smart people look forward and back. Which type are you? To me you look like... Hah hah, I'll let you guess.
  • The Kartel wasn't the ragtag of misfits they are now. It started as a group of radiant spirits that wanted to make a difference in the world. Over time, they were replaced by selfish knuckleheads. The Kartel you know now isn't the Kartel I devoted my youth to. The group of today has nothing to do with me now.

Request Chat (Upon the completion of Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

  • Did you take the princess someplace safe? Good, I'd hate to see an innocent girl die. By the way, the air in Ghent is getting stuffy. I don't like watching the nobles act as if they own this whole country. It nauseates me.
  • Do the jerks in Ghent hate the people of the Lawless District so much? They insisted they all were the members of Empyrean when Anton showed up. Did they forget that already? Those fools. THe nobles dangle a carrot in front of them, and they can't see anything else. I can't believe I risked myself to protect them.
  • Bentinck? He was captured again. He was running wild until he got caught by Zeldine and dragged back to prison. The sullen look on his face was priceless. Hah hah hah! So many prisoners escaped this time. It'll be difficult to capture all of them, and I'm worried what kind of damage they might do before they're captured.

Conversation end

  • Never lose your passion.
  • Good luck to you.
  • Though others are claimed by enemy fire, you shall not fall.
  • I see great potential in you.

As an Enemy

No icon available
Sandstorm Varracht

A young Varracht appears as a boss in Organization! The Kartel.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.