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West Coast (Mirror Arad)

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Mirror Arad: West Coast
Dimensional Rupture.jpg
Location Mirror Arad
Level Requirement 55
NPCs Lorianne, Kargon, Mintai, Orca, Loton Maximug
Areas Another Arad

West Coast is a small port town to the East of Hendon Myre. In Mirror Arad, the Great Metastasis did not occur, and thus Hendon Myre did not become the Meltdown.


A world that has appeared once again due to the Dimensional Rupture.
Travel to the another world of Arad before the Great Metastasis!

Map of West Coast


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Lorianne Lorianne Merchant West Coast
Kargon Kargon Weaponsmith West Coast
Mintai Mintai Shaman West Coast
Orca Orca Vice Chieftain West Coast
Loton Maximug Loton Maximug Alchemist West Coast

Another Arad

Another Arad is the dungeon area in West Coast. Players must be level 55 to access this area. These dungeons' levels scale with the player's level.

Another Arad.png
Another Arad Locations.png