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Zeldine Schneider

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ZeldineIcon.png Zeldine Schneider
Age 25
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Occupation Imperial City's Chief Guard
Location Ghent, north-west exit

Zeldine Schneider is Ghent's senior Chief Guard, commanding what is left of the imperial army in the battle against the Kartels.

Her brother senselessly murdered by Kartel Agents, Zeldine joined the Imperial Princess Garden with one unwavering goal: to avenge his death. Overwhelmed with grief, and misled by her own demons, Zeldine fought with desperate abandon; and in her recklessness, lost her arm in battle. In that fateful battle, she lost more than her physical arm: Zeldine lost the hatred that darkened her blood, and calloused her heart. Her arm was later replaced with a Hand Cannon, and she dedicated herself to the Imperial Princess Garden, quickly gaining rank and respect from the other soldiers. Charged with the City’s protection, Zeldine devoted herself to strengthening Empyrean’s soldiers and defense posts. But when the City of God fell, she became overwhelmed with guilt, and began to shoulder the fall of Ghent and Empyrean on her own.




  • I should ready my soldiers.
  • Oh, patriots of old, lend me your strength.
  • For my brother, I must never yield.
  • The Kartels will never be able to restore my arm.

Conversation start

  • Hello, and welcome.
  • We're at a crossroads.
  • Please - we need your help.
  • Will you help me?

Conversation end

  • There's still hope!
  • You are our last hope.
  • I would choose an honorable death over a shameful defeat.
  • We're counting on you!


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