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! style="width:100pt;" | Name
! style="width:100pt;" | Name
|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
| [[Image:HeavyArmorMastery.gif]] || [[Heavy Armor Mastery]]
| || Avenger Heavy Armor Mastery
|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
| [[Image:HeavyArmorMastery.gif]] || [[Avenger Heavy Armor Mastery]]
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| valign="top"|

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Priest avenger.png
Base Job Priest
Job NPC Grandis
Specialized Weapon Scythe
Specialized Armor Heavy armor
Class Information {{{Class Info}}}
Alternate Names Avenger
Korean: 어벤저
Doom Guardian
Alternate Names Doom's Guardian
Korean: 둠스가디언
May the heavens bestow forgiveness upon me!

The Avenger is the fourth priest subclass. Currently, it is available in the Korean version of DFO and will be released on Season 2, Act IV for the American version. Wielding the power of darkness and their demonic side, they can unleash many heavy blows upon their enemy and are able to use the power of demons to destroy everything in sight. The Avenger can:

  • Transform into a demon, increasing attack and movement at the expense of defense and mana recovery.
  • Change his blood or the blood of his enemies into mana.
  • Weaken enemies with various curses and spells.

At level 50, the Avenger awakens as the Doom Guardian.

His visual class identifier is a aura of darkness around him.

Becoming an Avenger

  1. Talk to Grandis
  2. Clear Full Moon Thunderland
  3. Clear Full Moon Thunderland (Again)
  4. Bring 10 of each colored cube fragment and 30 clear cube fragments

Awakening as a Doom Guardian

I...I will not give in!

- Where is your god now? The one to whom you fold your hands in prayer, the one who "cares" for you...? There is no god! There never has been! Michael has deceived you! No one answers your pleas for help but me. Come to me. I will be your savior. I will guide you...

God! Where are you? Listen to my cries for help! My will...is weakening! Do not let me succumb... Give me courage. Show yourself to me, so that I can carry out your will once again!

- Your god ignores your prayers. Even if he were real, do you think he would bless you, knowing that you wield my powers? Your god favors the righteous. He has no room for the anguish you suffer. Your body and mind are soiled. Your god has cast you out!

If God has indeed left me... If I am no longer able to do His will with my corrupted body, then I will stamp out the darkness within me by the sheer force of my will. If that is not enough, I will vanquish all the darkness in the world and wait for the day he forgives me.

- Embrace ME and I will never leave you! I will wash away this tainted world full of lies, and only the truth will remain!

Darkness that tempts me, listen well! Even if my God has deserted me, even if I have become an outcast from my Order, even if all who I love betray me... I will destroy you. I will search the corners of hell itself and hunt you down, even if it consumes my very soul.

<Nilvas Gracia's Prayer>

New Skills


Icon Name
File:Cancel - Furious Grab.png Cancel - Furious Grab
Scythe Mastery.png Scythe Mastery
Devil Strike.png Devil Strike
Shadow Render.png Shadow Render
File:AV4.png Thunder Mine
File:Cancel Thunder Mine.png Cancel - Thunder Mine
Falling Soul.png Falling Soul
Spin Cutter.png Spin Cutter
Thorn of Protection.png Thorn of Protection
File:Cancel Thorn of Protection.png Cancel - Thorn of Protection
Echoes of Nothing.png Echoes of Nothing
Spinning Deformation.png High Speed
File:Cancel High Speed.png Cancel - High Speed
Reaper.png Ripper
Dark Authority.png Dark Authority

EX Skills

Icon Name
Shadow Render Upgrade.png Shadow Render Upgrade
Devil Strike Upgrade.png Devil Strike Upgrade
Thunder Mine Upgrade.png Thunder Mine Upgrade
Spinning Deformation Upgrade.png High Speed Upgrade
Reaper Upgrade.png Ripper Upgrade
Spin Cutter Upgrade.png Spin Cutter Upgrade
Thorn of Protection Upgrade.png Thorn of Protection Upgrade
Dark Authority Upgrade.png Dark Authority Upgrade

Awakening Skills

Icon Name
File:AV-AWAKP.png Nightmare
File:AV-AWAKA.png Demonize

General Skills

Icon Name
Avenger Heavy Armor Mastery

Original Class Skills



For build suggestions and combo advice, refer to the Strategies page.