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Equipment Inheritance

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Equipment Inheritance is a system introduced in Dungeon Fighter Online as part of the Season 6 - Act 01: The Ascension Patch that allows players to transfer over their Level 95–105 Equipment's Reinforcement/Refinement/Amplification/Enchant values onto another corresponding Equipment piece. This system can be accessed through either This can be accessed through either interacting with the Mystical Grimoire in Seria's Room, NPCs Kiri's Epic Processing System at Hendon Myre or Loton in West Coast.

When first implemented, players who had gone through or completed Season 5's content in Harlem were able to carry over their previous Equipment's Reinforcement/Refinement/Amplification/Enchant values onto the Level 100 Equipment brought forth in Season 6's Guide of Wisdom, and would continue this with the introduction of Level 105 Equipment in Season 7.

Inheriting is very straightforward, as it lets you transfer over your Equipment's Reinforce/Amplify/Refine/Enchant values without being too costly. Armor regardless of it being retextured or not, can be inherited also. The targeted Equipment that was used for inheriting will not be destroyed, but instead have their values reset back to 0. Regardless of which NPC you're speaking with, select the Inherit option, as this requires the following materials:


  • Level 100 or 105 Unique/Legendary/Epic/Mythic Equipment:

Note: Since Mythic Equipment has been increased to Level 105, any values on them can only be inherited to the corresponding Level 105 Epic/Legendary Tops, Bracelets, and Earrings respectively.

Inheritance Advice

  • When Inheriting, Level 95 Equipment must be the same as the type of the Level 100 or Level 105 Equipment. (I.E Black Sky's Master - Short Sword.png Black Sky's Master - Short Sword ----> Passion of the Battlefield- Angervadil.png Passion of the Battlefield: Angervadil ----> Aspect-Devoured Short Sword.png Aspect-Devoured Short Sword.
  • The Equipment's Grade (Quality) / Equipment's Changed Texture / Weapon's Accumulated Reinforcement Success Chance does not get inherited.
  • If a Level 100 or 105 Equipment already has Reinforce/Amplify/Refine/Enchant values on it, this can be overwritten by the current inherit options.
  • Tradable or Sealed Equipment cannot be used for inheriting.
  • Armor regardless of being Retexturized or not is eligible.

Weapon Inheritance Extended

Now included in Season 7 - Act 01. The Next Journey, Character classes who share at least one weapon type can now inherit their values onto another weapon they can wield. (I.E Kasim's Zanbato.png Kasim's Zanbato ----> Taiji Emperor's Sword.png Taiji Emperor's Sword.