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| [[File:Divergence.png]] || [[Divergence]]
| [[File:Divergence.png]] || [[Divergence]]
|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
| [[File:AoiDragonHammer.png]] || [[Aoi Dragon Hammer]]
| [[File:BlueDragonHammer.png]] || [[Aoi Dragon Hammer]]
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| valign="top"|

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Priest exo.png
Base Job Priest
Job NPC Grandis
Specialized Weapon Scythe, BattleAxe, Beads, Totem
Specialized Armor Cloth Armor, Heavy Armor, Plate Armor
Class Information {{{Class Info}}}
Alternate Names Exorcist
Korean: 퇴마사
Japanese: 退魔師
Chinese: 退魔師
Alternate Names Dragon Fighter
Korean: 용투사
Japanese: 竜闘士
Chinese: 驱魔师

The Exorcist, versed in Suju's traditional incantations, banishes evil with his very words. He is particularly adept at wielding the Giant Cross and using holy amulets to deal even more damage over larger areas. And by embodying the spiritual energy of Suju, the Exorcist benefits from the unique self-upgrading skills called Chakras associated with him.

His second-class feature is a small pet phoenix following him.

Becoming the Exorcist

The Priest must first reach level 18.

  1. Hunt 20 Forest Zombies in Shadow Thunderland
  2. Hunt 20 Hallow Eyes in Shadow Thunderland
  3. Hunt Ghoul Guish on expert road or higher in Shadow Thunderland

New Skills


Icon Name
File:ForceOfExorcism.gif Force of Exorcism
File:PhoenixHammerCancel.gif Cancel Phoenix Hammer
Holy Amulet.png Enter Nirvana
File:EnterNirvanaCancel.png Cancel Enter Nirvana
Rising Emblem.png Magic Circle of Ascension
File:MagicCircleOfAscensionCancel.png Cancel Magic Circle of Ascension
ScytheMastery.png Scythe Mastery
BattleAxeMastery.png BattleAxe Mastery
File:LurkingDragon.gif Lurking Dragon
Gale Smash.png Accel Strokes
File:AccelStrokesCancel.png Cancel Accel Strokes
File:ChakraOfPassion.gif Chakra of Passion
File:ChakraOfCalmness.gif Chakra of Calmness
File:ControlCard.gif Control Card
Piercing the Darkness.png Cutting Darkness
File:StarInTheSky.gif Star in the Sky
File:StarInTheSkyCancel.gif Cancel Star in the Sky
File:WhirlwindToss.gif Whirlwind Toss
File:WhiteTiger.gif White Tiger
File:BlackWarrior.gif Black Warrior
File:HammerSlam.gif Hammer Slam
File:HammerSlamCancel.gif Cancel Hammer Slam
File:ThunderboltCard.gif Thunderbolt Card
File:HammerSpin.gif Hammer Spin
File:Musougeki.png Musougeki
Shikigami Legion.png Legion of Shikigami

Awakening Skills

Icon Name
File:Divergence.png Divergence
File:BlueDragonHammer.png Aoi Dragon Hammer

General Skills

Icon Name
Exorcist Cloth Armor Mastery.png Exorcist Cloth Armor Mastery
File:ExorcistHeavy.gif Exorcist Heavy Armor Mastery
Exorcist Plate Armor Mastery.png Exorcist Plate Armor Mastery

Original Skills


Icon Name
File:SlowHeal.gif Slow Heal
File:Striking.gif Strike
File:Cure.gif Cure
File:IntelligenceBlessing.gif Intelligence Blessing

God's Wrath

Icon Name
File:LuckyStraight.gif Lucky Straight
File:Smasher.gif Smasher
File:SecondUpper.gif Second Upper


Icon Name
File:HeavenExecution.gif Giant Weapon Launcher
File:CHeavenExecution.gif Cancel Giant Weapon Launcher
File:FinalPhoenixHammer.gif Phoenix Hammer

Devil's Rise

Icon Name
File:AngerControl.gif Anger Control
File:JoyOfPain.gif Joy of Pain


Icon Name
File:HeavyArmorMastery.gif Heavy Armor Mastery
File:GreatWillpower.gif Indomitable Spirit
File:AncientMemory.gif Ancient Memory
File:Backstep.gif Backstep
CBackstep.gif Cancel Backstep
File:PCriticalHit.gif Physical Critical Hit
File:PBackAttack.gif Physical Back Attack
File:MCriticalHit.gif Magical Critical Hit
File:MBackAttack.gif Magical Back Attack
File:ThrowMastery.gif Throw Mastery
File:QuickStanding.gif Quick Rebound
File:Jump.gif Dash Jump
CancelThrowItem.gif Cancel Throw Item