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Dark Lancer1.png
Base Job Demonic Lancer
Job NPC Leno
Specialized Weapon Javelin
Specialized Armor Leather Armor
Class Information Magic Skills: Percent Damage
Physical Skills: None
Subclass Difficulty: Intermediate
Alternate Names Dark Lancer
Korean: 다크 랜서
Chinese: 暗槍士
Alternate Names Rampager
Korean: 램페이저
Chinese: 狂怒惡鬼
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Korean: 에레보스
Chinese: 幽影夜神

Some Demonic Lancers bite off more than they can chew and end up causing their Demonic lance to rage out of control.

Once they go berserk, Demonic lances are impossible to control. In most cases, they devour their owners, ending their existence. And they don't just stop there. They continue to prey on every living thing near them, which has gained them notoriety among the people of the Empire.

Fortunately Demonic lances show signs before they go out of control. Their owners would start experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations and talking to themselves much more frequently. Strangely, though, the affected Demonic Lancers are not aware of these symptoms.

More and more Demonic lances raged out of control, and the Empire decided to single out those who showed the symptoms. And they were exiled from the country without exception. They were going to get killed by their own lances, anyway. And most of them did. They disappeared into history with no one to remember them. But those who didn't...

According to some eyewitnesses, these survivors wield mysterious black energy and have parts of their body blackened and horribly disfigured. They constantly roam, looking for something. It's not known what they're looking for, or if they're doing it of their own accord or for their Demonic lance.

One thing I'm sure about is that you must not display your power in front of the Impalers. The moment their Demonic lance awakens, your power will become part of it.

The Impaler yields himself to the Apostle Sirocco's energies sealed within the Demonic Lance, shaping and using her power to his own will as it corrupts the body and soul. As a result, the Dark Lancer's attacks has been enhanced with power of darkness, attacking his enemies from afar with his javelin and imbibing his victims in black smoke and lightning.

  • At level 50, the Impaler awakens as an Abbadon then at level 75, the Abbadon awakens as an Erebus.
  • His subclass cosmetic effect is a dark aura coming from his lance, arm and side of his face.

Becoming an Impaler

The Demonic Lancer must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blacksmith Linus in Elvenguard.
  2. Clear Full Moon Thunderland.

Awakening as an Abbadon

I met a man with a mysterious lance. Actually, he was more like a devil disguised as a man.

I believe it was when I just arrived at a forest in a bordering region of the Empire to investigate it under the imperial order. The forest was extremely quiet, suspiciously so. I was bout to order the soldiers to search.

Suddenly... I saw a man in the shadows of the forest. He was alone, but he was mumbling as if he was talking to someone else. Then he saw us standing out here with our mouths agape. He slowly walked out of the shadows with a creepy smile on his face.

He didn't look like he was of this world. I thought he was the devil himself.

Maybe it was because I didn't know who my enemy was. A gut feeling of fear that I hadn't felt for a long time came back, screaming at me to run. I ignored it and was about to crouch into a fighting stance when I saw the lance in his hand shimmer.

I don't remember clearly what happened next. I think the soldiers were lying on the ground. My right arm felt numb. And I heard the mysterious man's maniacal laughter.

When I opened my eyes, I was at an Imperial medical relief station, missing my right arm. That explained the numbness I felt before I lost my consciousness. But I didn't have time to wallow in pain. I had to let my superiors know about the devil.

Two years have passed since I turned in my last report and returned home. I still dream about the devil sometimes. A while ago, one of my comrades from my days in the Imperial Army visited me and brought me up to date on what's happening in the outside world.

Abaddon was what the devil was called. It refused to cooperate with the Empire, so the government sicced armies on it. It obliterated every single one of them. But it always let one soldier leave alive, my comrade said.

Suddenly the devil's maniacal laughter rang in my ears again. I know now that I didn't survive that day; I was saved, so I could send a warning to everyone else who would come to the devil after me.

- From a memoir of a former Imperial Army officer

The Impaler must first reach level 50.

Becoming an Erebus


The Abaddon must first reach level 75.


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