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!<font size="+1">[[Special Equipment]]</font>
!<font size="+1">[[Special Equipment]]</font>
| Makes up 2 equipment slots || [[Sub Equipment]] and [[Magic Stones]] boost special stats; must be unlocked with [[Epic Quests|System Quests]].
| Makes up 3 equipment slots || [[Sub Equipment]], [[Magic Stones]], and [[Earrings]] boost special stats; must be unlocked with [[Epic Quests|System Quests]].

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Items are an essential feature in DFO, as are in any other games. Earlier on, characters depend greatly on levels and skills to improve their strength, but as the game progresses, they tend to become increasingly reliant on effective use of items, be they equipment, consumables, ingredients or quest materials.

Depending on their rarity, items are classified into different ranks, indicated by the color of their names.

Item Types


Weapons Makes up 1 equipment slot Each class has specialized weapons with varying attack speeds. Your subclass usually determines the type of weapon to use.
Armor Makes up 5 equipment slots Has five sub-types: Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Plate Armor
Accessories Makes up 3 equipment slots Usually adds Magic Defense; makes up three slots, the Bracelet, Necklace, and Ring slots.
Titles Makes up 1 equipment slot Titles are considered equipment in DFO, and they take up an inventory slot. You may store extra titles in the Title Book.
Special Equipment Makes up 3 equipment slots Sub Equipment, Magic Stones, and Earrings boost special stats; must be unlocked with System Quests.

Equipment refers to wearable items; there are a total of 10 possible equip slots on a character (does not include Avatar equip slots). Many weapons are class-specific, and certain classes get bonuses from specific armors; see Weapons and Armor for more information.

The Equipment Dictionary, A list of all the equipment found in the game, can be found by clicking the "Service Menu" button on the bottom of your screen and going to "Gear Info".

Basic common equipments can be found in shops, however there is such a substantial damage output difference between common weapon's stats and rare weapon's stats that these rarer items are highly recommended. The better equipment can only be obtained through drops or other players selling these drops. See Dungeon Drop Guide for drop information.

Item Grade

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories all can range from various grade qualities:

  • Inferior
  • Weak
  • Ordinary
  • Exceptional
  • Superior

Grade quality affects certain stat ranges for these equipment. A weapons grade quality is dependent on its Attack values, Armor is affected by it's Physical defense values, and Accessories are dependent on it's Magic defense values. Extra attributes such as Elemental Resistances, Status Tolerances, Stat increases like STR, VIT, HP and MP are all not affected by the grade quality of the item in question and the stats are always randomly generated. For example, a Weak item can have more STR than an Exceptional item. Grade quality affects the Physical Defense of Armors and the Magic Defense of Accessories.


These items can be used via Hotkey or by right-clicking them in the inventory. They usually affect one of the stats and have a cooldown timer.

HP Boost Restores health points.
MP Boost Restores mana points.
HP & MP Boost Items that restore both health and mana points.
Temporary Stat Boost Items that enhance any of your vital stats for a short time.
Abnormal State Recovery Items the remove enemy-induced states such as poison and bleeding
Elemental Attack/Resistance Items that enhance your elemental damage or resistance.
Throwing Weapons Items that you can hurl at the enemies for long range attacks.
Pots Items that you can break to gain different kinds of gear items.
Summon Items Consumable items that summon monsters to aid you in battle.
Recipes Rare pieces of cloth on which are etched the ingredients for a very special item.


Numerous items fall into this category, so this section of the inventory tends to fill up rather quickly. Examine quest requirements beforehand and regularly sort out the inventory.

Quest Items These items are used for quests, both normal and repeatable.
Craft Items These items are used for crafting armor or weapons
Cube Fragments Many spells and quests are related to Cube Fragments
Enhancing Clear Cube Fragments are used for Enhancing equips


Avatars can be bought with CERA via Item Shop or earned through events. They are used to customize your characters look and add useful stats upon that.


A Creature is a useful pet that boosts up your character’s stats, casts useful skills in battle, and loyally follows you at all times.

Item Rarity

Item ranks are denoted by color.
Common Basic equipment with a white name, acquired easily in dungeons and NPC shops. Common equipment are seldom sought after by players, and are generally disassembled for Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments and Common Soul.png Common Souls, or sold to NPCs for some Goldicon.png Gold to gain some slow but steady income.
Uncommon Colored light blue, Uncommon equipment of level requirements lower than 40 can be purchased from shops. They usually tend to be inexpensive. Uncommon equipment are generally disassembled for Clear and Colored Cube Fragments.
Rare Colored purple, Rare equipment tend to be more pricey. Most Rare equipment are Magic Sealed equipment, which come with Magic Seals that can be removed to personalize the item to that player. Once the Magic Seal is removed, the item gains certain stat bonuses, which can then be Converted by Seria. Magic Sealed equipment can also be Compounded into higher leveled equipment, making it easy for a player's equipment to upgrade along with the player's level. See Magic Sealed Equipment for more information. Rare equipment are good candidates to be disassembled in Profession Extractors, as they are able to yield a wider variety of Profession Materials than Common and Uncommon equipment.
Legacy Legacy equipment have the same rank and color as Rare equipment, but can now only be acquired via Compounding Magic Sealed equipment of specific levels. Legacy equipment grants additional stats than Rare equipment, and thus have better total stats than Rare equipment in general. Legacy armor are part of sets, which grants bonuses depending on the amount of armor of the set a player has equipped. Legacy weapons grant a +1 skill bonus to all skills of level range from 1 up to the weapon's level, and also have higher stats than Rare weapons.
Unique Colored dark pink, Unique equipment are generally considered higher in rank than Chronicle equipment, but are harder to obtain. They show up very infrequently in normal mode, and show up more in Hell Mode. Unique equipment are usually dropped Sealed, and thus can be sold on the Auction House.
Boss Unique The same rank as Unique equipment, but they are Untradable rather than Sealed when dropped. Boss Unique equipment are dropped from specific dungeon bosses, and can also be bought with Meteors of the corresponding level.
Halidom The same rank as Unique equipment but with special features. Much like the Legacy rank, Halidom equipment is comprised of an armor and accessory set that grants stat and skill bonuses when more than two corresponding pieces are equipped. The weapons grant an all skill bonus and elemental damage all the same, however they are not part of a set. Can be dropped in dungeons, or converted from Magic Sealed equipment or Legacy equipment via a recipe that drop in dungeons or a recipe bought from Seria, respectively.
Chronicle Equipment with red names. Unlike the other ranks, Chronicle equipment has a special stat known as Exorcism.png Exorcism Parameter, which reduces or increases the stat penalty in Otherverse dungeons. Comes in three subcategories: 1st Chronicle Items are bought from Sharan with Chaos Stone.png Chaos Stones, while the 2nd and 3rd Chronicle equipment are bought from Natalia Sue and Ludmilla respectively with Interdimensional Fragment.png Interdimensional Fragments, obtained via recipe creation, or dropped from the Otherverse dungeons. Some 2nd and 3rd Chronicle equipment are part of special sets that may completely change the gameplay of the class it corresponds to. All Chronicle equipment cannot be traded between players and are bind-on-pickup. These usually require a lot of materials and involve lots of grinding, but these items are generally extremely powerful.
Legendary Colored orange. Dropped in Ancient Dungeons, sold by Captain Luther, or crafted by recipes sold by Gabriel. Legendary equipment can drop either sealed or untradeable. Iris Fortune Singer sells powerful Legendary weapons known as Requiem weapons, which can be upgraded into arguable the most powerful Legendary weapons known as Liberation weapons. Requiem weapons and Liberation upgrade recipes require Appeasing Stone.png Appeasing Stones, which can only be obtained through Requiem Dungeons.
Epic Colored yellow, Epic equipment are the highest rank of equipment in the game. They can be acquired through Hero Pots sold by Simona, purchased from Grandis, defeating a Hell Party in Hell Mode or constructing it from scratch in Epic Dictionary with collected Souls of all ranks, 1,000 Epic Fragments of said item, and Demon Eye.png Demon Eyes. Epic items cannot be traded between players.

See also Dungeon Drop Guide for drop locations.


When the durability score of a gear item reaches zero, defense and damage stats drop to a lower level. You are able to repair Gear items through NPCs throughout the game by paying a small amount of Gold.

Delilah Delilah appears whenever you complete a dungeon and is the most convenient NPC through which to repair your items. Click on Delilah and either specify the item you wish to repair by clicking the “Fix” button, or click “Fix All” to repair all damaged items. Delilah will then tell you how much gold it will cost for the requested repairs. Gabriel is also able to repair your items when he appears in place of Delilah.
Portable Repair Machine The Portable Repair Machine is located at the entrance of each dungeon hub and can also disassemble equipment.
Klonter Klonter is located in Underfoot King's Road. He can repair, as well as Amplify, your equipment.
Jun Jun is found in the City of Shonan, at the Suju Blacksmith. He also sells level 70 Uncommon equipment and Refines your weapons.


  • Lady Kiri is located in Underfoot Plaza and can Reinforce your accessories, armor, and weapons, which increases physical and magical bonuses.
  • It costs Goldicon.png Gold and Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments to operate Kiri’s machine.
  • The costs and the success rate is shown before you agree to the upgrade. (The success rate is only shown when the upgrade level is under +10)
    • Be warned, if a reinforcement attempt fails between +4 and +10, the item will reduce in reinforcement level. If a reinforcement attempt fails above +10, the item will be destroyed.
      • A Reinforcement Protection Ticket will prevent your item from being destroyed, but it will lose all reinforcement levels and return back to +0.


  • Jun, the Blacksmith in the City of Shonan is able to Refine your weapon, which increases its Independent Atk..png Independent Atk. and Abnormal Status Attack.
  • Unlike Reinforcement, Refinement costs Powerful Energy.png Power Energies instead of Goldicon.png Gold. It's also safer than Reinforcement as failing a Refinement will not affect the weapon in any negative way, with the only cost being the Powerful Energy.png Powerful Energies consumed.
  • Unfortunately, unlike Reinforcement, Refinement is capped at 8 Stage refining, and while Reinforcement is readily available to low level characters in Underfoot, Refinement can only be done in the City of Shonan, which requires a level 69 or above character to enter.


Cube Fragments, Souls and Elemental Crystals come in useful throughout the game. Portable Repair Machine in any dungeon lobby disassembles any gear item into these materials. The rarity of an item affects the kinds of materials you receive from disassembly. You may also randomly get a jackpot while disassembling items, resulting in gaining a large amount of materials.

The following item types disassemble randomly into one or more of the following:


Roger Levin is an item crafter located in Underfoot Guild Junction next to Abello. Cloth Scrap.png Cloth Scraps, Worn Leather.png Worn Leather, Weathered Bone Fragment.png Weathered Bone Fragments, Inferior Iron.png Rusty Iron Scraps, Raw Hardener.png Raw Hardeners, and Raw Paving Stone.png Raw Paving Stones, for example, can all be taken to Roger Levin to be crafted into recipe material items.

Melvin Richter in the Ghent Manufacturing District can craft items as well.