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Jun, the Blacksmith

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JunIcon.png Jun, the Blacksmith
Age 17
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Weapon Refiner
Location City of Shonan: Suju Blacksmith

Jun, the Blacksmith, is a weapon refiner, and also the one who produces Transcendence Weapons.

Jun is an extroverted, open-minded, talented teen who is friendly to Dungeon Fighters. He’s young, but he’s detailed and careful. Once, he presented a dagger to Aska, who thought it was so well-crafted, she granted Jun the use of the Dragon Brazier.

Weapon Refinement System

When a stronger weapon is needed...

Long ago, Suju developed a method for refining weapons.

The system depended on the power of the Dragon Brazier, which burns much hotter than other fires. The "Nen of the Blacksmith", also called Dragon's Energy,

must be blown into the Dragon Brazier to reach temperatures of over 2,000 degrees. This infuses the flame and energy of dragons into the metal. However, there is a chance this transfer can fail. It is not a lack of skill on the part of the blacksmith that causes this failure, but evil energy coming from the dragons' themselves. The blacksmith is never blamed.

Special materials, called Powerful Energy, are required to work the Dragon Brazier. The Suju royal court manages this energy and keeps it close, with one exception. When a tournament in the name of the Royal Court is held, those who do well are given Powerful Energy as a special reward. They can take that energy to the blacksmith and refine their items.

Item Refinement


A Flame Katana - Caravella that has been refined 7 times.
  • Item Refinement is a system that increases the Independent Attack and Abnormal Status Attack of weapons.
  • Take Powerful Energy.png Powerful Energy to Jun to have him use the Dragon Brazier to Refine your weapons.

Item Refinement Effects

  • A weapon can be refined up to 8 Stage refining, regardless of what Reinforcements/Boosts are already on the weapon.
  • When successful, the weapon’s Independent Attack and Abnormal Status Attack increase. The more you refine the weapon, the more these stats increase.
  • When refining fails, the Powerful Energy.png Powerful Energy will be consumed. The item’s level will not decrease.



Item Level Binding Cost
Silver Dragon Qualification.png Silver Dragon Qualification 1 Untradable 50 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment, 7 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternity
Gold Dragon Qualification.png Gold Dragon Qualification 1 Untradable 40 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment, 5 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternity
Jun's Blacksmith Ticket.png Jun's Blacksmith Ticket 1 1000000 Goldicon.png Gold
Low Grade Transcendence Upgrade Receipe.png Low Grade Transcendence Upgrade Receipe 1 Untradable 100000 Goldicon.png Gold
High Grade Transcendence Upgrade Receipe.png High Grade Transcendence Upgrade Receipe 1 Untradable 200000 Goldicon.png Gold
Organic Robe.png Organic Robe 70 42000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Organic Leggings 35000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Organic Shoulder 28000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Organic Belt 21000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Organic Shoes 21000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bakia Armor 56000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bakia Leggings 49000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bakia Amice 42000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bakia Belt 35000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Bakia Sabatons 35000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nerviar Mail 63000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nerviar Greaves 56000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nerviar Pauldrons 49000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nerviar Belt 42000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nerviar Boots 42000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Canobius Armor 70000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Canobius Greaves 63000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Canobius Mantle 56000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Canobius Girdle 49000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Canobius Boots 49000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nemian Tunic 49000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nemian Greaves 42000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nemian Shoulder 35000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nemian Belt 28000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Nemian Boots 28000 Goldicon.png Gold


Request Chat

  • Are you looking for something? Or do you have something to Refine? Tell me anything. I'll take care of you.
Huh, excuse me? On credit? Hmph, skin a flea for its hide, why don't you? I'm not making much profit as it is. Of course, I'm making some profit, enough to continue my business.
Sure, I've got no family to feed, but whatever I have left after all the expenses I'm saving up to open up my shop later. Don't be so stingy with me, will you?
  • This dragon furnace is from Her Majesty, Shonan Aska. She loved the dagger I made for her so much that she rewarded me with this furnace. I was so surprised, I almost had a heart attack.
I can't think about that day without feeling emotional. Hey, why don't let me Refine your gear? This dragon furnace won't fail you, though I might.
  • Since Suju opened, Dungeon Fighters flock in from everywhere. Everyone says Shonan has the best smithing technology, but I beg to differ.
Some of the best blacksmiths set up shop in somewhere else, and they own weapons that I've never heard of.
I'm still new to this industry, and I'm trying to keep up with the news, so that I can come up with an amazing weapon that will knock all the Asuras' socks off one day!


Conversation start

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