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! style="width:100pt;" | Name
! style="width:100pt;" | Name
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|- style="background-color: #ffffff;" align="center"
| [[Image:Necro Light Armor Mastery.png]] || [[Necromancer's Light Armor Mastery]]
| [[Image:Necro Light Armor Mastery.png]] || Necromancer Light Armor Mastery
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Base Job Thief
Job NPC Minet
Specialized Weapon Wands
Specialized Armor Light Armor
Class Information {{{Class Info}}}
Alternate Names Necromancer
Korean: 사령술사
Japanese: 死霊術師
Chinese: 死灵术士
Alternate Names Death Bringer
Korean: 데스브링어
Japanese: デスブリンガー
Chinese: 灵魂收割者
Respect for the dead? Hahaha! I'll have none of it if that's what it takes to make ends meet!

The Necromancers of the Elder Guard have long been allies with the dead, and they call upon them to rise from their graves, and aid in their quest towards retribution. The Necromancer has an especially close affiliation with the almighty king of the deceased: Vallacre, the Slaughterer. If she is to invoke his wrath, all who stand in its wake shall fall before him, and he is the epitome of fear itself. At level 50, a Necromancer can awaken as a Defiler.

Her subclass cosmetic feature is a purple flame-like aura surrounding her when she stands still.

Becoming a Necromancer

The Thief must first reach level 20.

  1. Talk to Minet.
  2. Collect 30 Clear Cube Fragments, 10 Black Cubes Fragments, 10 Blue Cubes Fragments, 10 Red Cube Fragments, and 10 White Cube Fragments.
  3. Clear Full Moon Thunderland. (Solo)
  4. Collect 1 Origin of Dead Soul in Full Moon Thunderland

Awakening as a Defiler

Oh mighty Vallacre, my king, I call upon you! The ultimate Slaughterer of injustice, who strikes fear into the hearts of all living creatures; it is you who truly liberates the Dark Elves from oppression!

Hear this calling from your humble servant! Through this lowly form, unleash your true majesty upon this world!

I beseech your wrath upon the arrogant Elves, the deceitful Dwarves and even the shameless Dark Elven apostates who desecrate our name! I implore your relentless acrimony, to rain flames of vengeance to the treacherous Human race, and all its filth and corruption!

At last! The army of terror will rise and march forth again, at the summoning of the Great King! All opposing foes shall tremble in the shadow of his might! Prepare yourselves for inescapable despair!

Oh Vallacre, Great King of Terror! Hear my summoning! Ascend from the depths of your oblivion! I am but an instrument of your awesome embrace! Arise from your dank, shallow grave, and possess this body again!

Cursed be to Amora! Glory is the legacy of the Dark Elves!

The Necromancer must first reach level 50.

New Skills


Icon Name
Dark Nail.png Dark Nail
File:Cancel - Dark Nail.png Cancel - Dark Nail
File:Apport Nicolas.png Nicholas Rapport
Obedient Ghost.png Obedient Ghost
Zombie Rapport.png Zombie Rapport
Dark Ritual.png Dark Ritual
File:Cancel - Soul Lure.png Cancel - Soul Lure
Dead Man's Grudge.png Dead Man's Grudge
File:Cancel - Blame of the Dead.png Cancel - Dead Man's Grudge
Black Web.png Black Web
Soul Lure.png Soul Lure
Black Wave.png Black Wave
Vallacre the Slaughterer.png Vallacre the Slaughterer
Vallacre's Grasp.png Vallacre's Grasp
Guillotine.png Guillotine

EX Skills

Icon Name
File:EXSoulLureIcon.png Soul Lure Upgrade
Black Web Upgrade.png Black Web Upgrade
Vallacre the Slaughterer Upgrade.png Vallacre the Slaughterer Upgrade
Nicholas Rapport Upgrade.png Nicholas Rapport Upgrade
Dark Nail Upgrade.png Dark Nail Upgrade
Dead Man's Grudge Upgrade.png Dead Man's Grudge Upgrade
Black Wave Upgrade.png Black Wave Upgrade
Guillotine Upgrade.png Guillotine Upgrade
Zombie Rapport Upgrade.png Zombie Rapport Upgrade
Dead Man's Obsession.png Dead Man's Obsession
Black Energy Wave.png Black Energy Wave

Awakening Skills

Icon Name
Fear of the Slaughterer.png Fear of the Slaughterer
File:Phantomstorm.png Phantasm Storm

General Skills

Icon Name
Necromancer Light Armor Mastery.png Necromancer Light Armor Mastery

Original Skills