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My Characters

SaintAmon - Avenger (Crosses > Scythe)
AlteredSteel - Blademaster (Rezzed as a BLK master!)
CurseShaman - Soul Bender (Feel the magic of friendship)
SpiritPlasm - Berserker (Alive and kickin')
SaintHalford - Physical Exorcist (Too much junk D:)
SilentRipple - Asura (balls of waves)
JaceMobious - Monk (Half-mule, half-monk)
SoulRipple - Necromancer (Outprocessing...)
GalePhantom - M. Grappler (wide awake)
SpectralFroz - Male Mage (the hell did I make him for...)
Niteblaze - Launcher (same with this guy...)
BloodCells - Berserker (Buried)
PlatedClown - Priest (Buried)
VelmaVeats - Mage (Buried)
VivToxia - Brawler (Damn should have kept...)
FrostMadder - Monk
Cursemancer - Soul Reaper (Now dead)
RushMadder - Gunner (Killed)

To Do

  • Will get around to armor and weapons, but not anytime soon lmao
  • fixing up class pages...gawd this will take forever!!!
  • categories categories...
  • learn how to make those damned tables!

(not gonna get to this stuff for a while...)

jacemob's the forum name

Other Helpful Things

Nue has skill tables <<-Click Me!

MuT has weapons table <<-Click Me!

[1] -DFO Skill Planner in case I forget in the near future...

For memorization!


  • bm - afterimage of the wind 9pc
  • sb - twilight edge 3pc/blade soul 6pc
  • bskr - TBA
  • asu - brutal bonecrusher 9pc or pulsating ground wave 9pc


  • grap - one turn buster shot 6pc


  • crus1 - Vow of Silence
  • crus2 - Spiritual Revalation
  • monk - TBA
  • mexo - TBA
  • pexo - cataclysmic apostle 9pc
  • aven(crs) - seething thorn
  • aven (scyt) - protection of death