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Berserk Mage Keraha

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Act Quest Icon.png Berserk Mage Keraha
Type Act Quest
Quest Line Gran Flores (Act Quests)
Level Req. 8
Area - Dungeon / Town Grand Flores - Mirkwood Frost
Quest Giver Toby

  • Expicon.png 24,297 Exp
  • Goldicon.png 317 Gold
Previous Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Owner of the Poison Spring
Next Quest(s)
Act Quest Icon.png Grakqarak Expedition

Berserk Mage Keraha is the fifth quest of the Gran Flores Act Quest storyline.



Mirkwood Frost
1 Map SE.png Map SW.png
2 Map NE.png Map NEW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

Icon-Ice-Locking Keraha.png Ice-Locking Keraha




Toby-Face1.png Toby

We passed Poison Thunderland, and now we're in Mirkwood Frost. This place is close to Grakqarak, where the Tau King is. The human girl you're looking for should be there.

This is my first time in Mirkwood Frost, so I don't know how dangerous it is. I'm sure you're strong enough to beat anyone here, though. Heh heh, I'm going not going to run this time-I want to watch you fight!


(Upon entering the Dungeon)

(As the Adventurer and Toby enter Mirkwood Frost, a flurry of ice pillars fall from the sky and block their path.)

Toby-Face1.png Toby

WAH! That ice dropped all of a sudden! I-I shouldn't have come...

(Upon entering Room C2)
(As the Adventurer and Toby continue on ahead, they are surrounded by monsters encased in ice crystals. Ahead of them, a Human Mage sobs to herself and notices their presence. As if reaching an epiphany, she flees, and the Adventurer and Toby follow in pursuit.)

(Upon entering the Boss Room)
(In the distance, the Mage mumbles to herself while sending ice shards downward upon a large ice pillar in front of her.)

Keraha-Face1.png Ice-Locking Keraha

Scary flames... Scary flames burned the forest...

I'll never let them burn again... I'll stop them...

Toby-Face1.png Toby

Err... I think that mage is Keraha, one of the two mage sisters Mom told me about.

Before I was born, there was a big fire in the forest, and she went mad because of it.

Before that, she was such a good mage. She even helped goblins.

Do you think she believes the fire that burned the forest is still inside those ice pillars?

(Suddenly, Keraha turns her attention to the Adventurer.)

Keraha-Face1.png Ice-Locking Keraha

It was you, wasn't it? You set the forest on fire, didn't you?

You came for the fire that I locked up inside the ice, didn't you? You can't have it!

(Upon defeating the Boss)
(Keraha collapses to the ground and reaches her hand out toward the ice pillar.)

Keraha-Face1.png Ice-Locking Keraha

No! My ice! It's holding the fire inside!

(The Adventurer runs and destroys the ice pillar.)

Toby-Face1.png Toby

What fire? Where is it?

Keraha-Face1.png Ice-Locking Keraha

There's... no fire. Those hot flames... Did they die out?

Is the Great Pentacle keeping the forest safe?

Toby-Face1.png Toby

I don't know what you're saying, but the fire you're talking about was put out before I was born.

Even if there was a fire, it wouldn't be able to burn the trees in this cold weather. Achoo!

Keraha-Face1.png Ice-Locking Keraha

Really? It's... not hot anymore? Nothing is burning anymore?

Oh... I'm glad...


Toby-Face1.png Toby

What a strange mage! Achoo! She really must hate being hot. She's freezing everything she sees-achoo!

*Sniffle* We'll catch a cold if we stay here. Let's go.


  • The path between A2 and B2 is blocked by ice pillars. The Player will have to move through the Room A1 entrance to move forward.
  • Toby accompanies the Adventurer in Room A2.
Quest Line
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