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Castellan's Chamber

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Castellan's Chamber
Location Sky Tower
Min. Level 23
Level 23-25
Monster Level 25
End Boss Icon-Light Castellan Sieghart.png Light Castellan Sieghart


A warrior with a glowing aura appeared once a long time ago, accompanied by an army at Sky Tower, the bridge between Arad and Empyrean. The warrior and his army slaughtered every living creature in Sky Tower with an overwhelming force, cutting off all connections between the two worlds. Over a thousand years later, Sky Tower finally re-revealed its presence in the sky. Since then, curious adventurers have realized that they now have the opportunity to meet the legendary "Light Castellan." No one was strong enough to defeat the Castellan a thousand years ago. But you'll have to accomplish the impossible in order to unlock the gate to Empyrean.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Map Castellan Chamber.JPG
Min Fatigue: 7
Max Fatigue: 18


  • Armor family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Expeller]] [[Expeller|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Axe Expeller]] [[Axe Expeller|]]
  • Goblin family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Night Vision Kargel]] [[Night Vision Kargel|]]
  • Puppeteer family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Clay Puppeteer]] [[Clay Puppeteer|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Steel Puppeteer]] [[Steel Puppeteer|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Stone Puppeteer]] [[Stone Puppeteer|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Ice Doll Sharedo]] [[Ice Doll Sharedo|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Golem Commander]] [[Golem Commander|]]
  • Automated Player Character family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Slayer Statue]] [[Slayer Statue|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Fighter Statue]] [[Fighter Statue|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Gunner Statue]] [[Gunner Statue|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Mage Statue]] [[Mage Statue|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Priest Statue]] [[Priest Statue|]]
  • Dragonoid family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Serimalion]] [[Serimalion|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Louis Serimalion]] [[Louis Serimalion|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Mirkius]] [[Mirkius|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Aura Hunter Sius]] [[Aura Hunter Sius|]]
  • Golem family
    • [[|20x20px|link=Bronze Golem]] [[Bronze Golem|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Clay Golem]] [[Clay Golem|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Scholar Golem]] [[Scholar Golem|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Exodus Golem]] [[Exodus Golem|]]
    • [[|20x20px|link=Golem Soul]] [[Golem Soul|]]