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Darksteel sprite.gif

Type TypeDemon.png
Family Hell Demon
Level unknown
Dungeons Hell Mode (Insane):
Time Gate dungeons
Power Station dungeons
Drops unknown
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The Cosmos Hell Demon. The most melee-unfriendly of the bunch. Specializes in debuffs and extremely hard-hitting close range attacks.

Move List

  • Gravity Aura: Slows movement speed & jump strength when close to Darksteel.
  • Steel Beam Drop: Darksteel leaps into the air drops Steel Beams onto the ground. After a short while, Darksteel then drops down on a player's position as a flaming meteor, causing an explosion on his landing zone and may inflict Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) on hit.
  • Summon Thundercloud: Summons a Thundercloud; similar to Miasma's attack, but unleashes much larger Thunderbolts periodically and they hit random spots under them regardless of whether a character is in it's general area.
    • Thunderbolts may randomly strike areas around his position for a few seconds after he has summoned thunderclouds.
  • Shockwave: Darksteel slams his beam into the ground and creates 3 round shockwaves that go forward a distance. This attack juggles, and causes an extra hit if he hits you directly with his beam.
  • Wide Swing: Darksteel's normal attack; swings his large beam forward and reaches behind him. Has pretty good range on it.
  • Casts a debuff that slows down players' speed drastically. Especially dangerous if he follows up with a Steel Beam Drop immediately after.
  • Cannot be grabbed.
  • Darksteel has permanent Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status).
  • Extremely fast HP regeneration.


  • Melee classes will have an extremely hard time fighting this demon as he has permanent Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) and has extremely powerful close-range attacks. Being in his melee range also means you will be slowed down, making it difficult to flee from him when he uses his more powerful attacks.
  • Darksteel has absurdly high Physical Defense.png Physical Defense. If you are alone, you may not be able to outdamage his HP regen if you do not have a decently upgraded weapon. You must keep up the assault or Darksteel will heal the damage he's taken in a matter of seconds, especially on King or higher difficulty.
  • When Darksteel uses his Steel Beam Drop, you can track his location by looking out for the red boss aura on the ground. The Steel Beams do not have any yellow circle markings to indicate their landing zones, but you can see their shadows and predict where they'll land. Darksteel may use this attack over and over until he decides to stop, so be ready to dodge.
  • Unlike Miasma's thunder clouds, Dark Steel's ones shoot extremely big thunderbolts that cause extremely high damage. You MUST avoid fighting under his thunder clouds. The clouds last shorter than Miasma's ones as well, so Darksteel can change their location more often. These cause Electrocution (Status).png Electrocution (Status) as well.
  • Darksteel's close range attacks cause fire elemental damage and can cause Curse (Status).png Curse (Status).
  • Certain attacks (e.g. a fully charged X-1 Extruder.png X-1 Extruder) can knock him down.
  • Stack up on Fire Resistance to reduce the damage of most of his attacks.