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Evil Eyes

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Evil Eyes
Type TypeHybrid.png ArmorTypeBuilding.png
Family Stationary
Level 30
Dungeon(s) Floating Castle


Evil Eye's Left and Right Eyes are Floating Castle's two bosses. These are giant walking eyes on the left and right walls of the boss room. Both Eyes share the same attacks for the most part. Each of them also has one special attack of their own.

Move List

  • Both Eyes:
    • Powerful blow-back attack that knocks you all the way to the other side of the room.
    • Summons Eyes on the ground below you to attack you directly where you stand, by firing beams upwards.
    • A variation of the above which involves an entire trail of ground eyes attacking in succession until the attack ends.
  • Left Eye:
    • Double-hitting, screen-spanning wide beam that can cause Petrification on hit.
  • Right Eye:
    • Spread Shot of 5 eye projectiles that do heavy damage and can cause Blind on hit.


  • Both Eyes will stop moving and glow red/white in place before using any attacks. Use this as your cue to move out of the way or prepare to dodge their attacks.
  • It's recommended to take out the Left Eye first, as this is the one with the screen spanning beam.
  • When attacking the Right Eye, you may get hit by all 5 projectiles in the spread shot (which will eat through at least 75% of your life if you're low level) if you just stand in front of it comboing mindlessly. Stop every once in awhile to avoid attacks.
  • Ground Eyes have unlimited Z-axis reach, you cannot jump in place to avoid the upward beams.
  • Once an Eye initiates the Ground Eye Trail attack, you should stop attacking and dodge the ground eyes instead as these hurt a lot and will hitstun you repeatedly, leaving you vulnerable to be hit by other attacks.

Notes / Oddities

  • A variation of this monster (simply known as Evil Eye) later appears in the Tower of Death where it combines the abilities of both Eyes.