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Master Dogrie

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IconMaster Dogrie.png Master Dogrie

Masterdogri plus.img.control.gif

Type TypeHuman.png
Family Puppeteer
Level 24
Dungeons Puppet Museum
Drops unknown
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Master Dogrie is a special Puppeteer enemy, and is the boss of Puppet Museum.

Move List

  • Rock Spike: Signature attack of all puppeteers.
  • Puppeteer Fire Spike: Like the Rock Spike of normal puppeteers, except this one explodes and causes multi-hit damage after it rises from the ground.
  • Puppeteer Stone Curse: Can cause Stoned status if hit by it
  • Puppeteer Control: Targets a random player and drains health for the duration of the attack, as well as randomly switching directional controls. Only uses this when low on health.
  • Boss Blow-back attack after taking a certain amount of damage


  • He tends to use the blow-back aura if dealt a lot of damage quickly.
  • Puppeteer Control puts Master Dogrie in super-armor for the duration of the attack. You'll have to use a grab to break his concentration.
  • If he is being attacked very quickly from a close distance he will often use Stone Curse to immobilize and then attack the general area with Fire Spike.
  • Other than his special Puppeteer Control and more powerful Fire Spike, Master Dogrie acts like a normal Puppeteer for the most part, so don't be afraid to treat him like one.