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Valkyrie Awakens 4 (Original Version)

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Awakening Quest Icon.png Valkyrie Awakens 4 (Original Version)
Type Awakening Quest
Quest Line Valkyrie Awakens (Original Version)
Level Req. 48
Area - Dungeon / Town Lorien - Vilmark - Area 50
Quest Giver Marlene Kitzka
  • Gather the following materials in order to build an EMP Storm, the ultimate Spitfire weapon.

  • Expicon.png Level Scaling Exp
  • Valkyrie Awakening Banner.png
Previous Quest(s)
Awakening Quest Icon.png Valkyrie Awakens 3 (Original Version)
Next Quest(s)

Valkyrie Awakens 4 is the fourth quest of the Valkyrie Awakens Awakening Quest storyline.



Marlene-Face1.png Marlene Kitzka

My grandmother, Jezebel Kitzka, spent her entire life studying electromagnetic energy, which the Seven Great Machinists briefly mentioned.

She learned how to condense energy and wield its power through a device called an EMP Storm.

However, I am not sure the materials to make the device can be found on the continent...

I am especially concerned about the required vacuum tube...


Marlene-Face3.png Marlene Kitzka

I am surprised you found all this. But even though they are not up to Empyrean standards, they should more than suffice.

Now, I have just one warning. My grandmother was hesitant to use this technique in battle. She feared its power.

She wondered whether a mere mortal had the right to take on the role of a Valkyrie, the ancient Goddess of War.

You possess strong moral fiber, so I am entrusting you with this technique. Wield it wisely. Do not attempt to enter the domain of the gods, Valkyrie of War.

Quest Line
Valkyrie Awakens (Original Version) Valkyrie Awakens 1 (Original Version) • Valkyrie Awakens 2 (Original Version) • Valkyrie Awakens 3 (Original Version) • Valkyrie Awakens 4 (Original Version)