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Rank System, often called Rank in short, is a score indicator of party's overall performance in a dungeon. High ranks yield more experience bonuses at the end of run, and is necessary to access higher difficulty mode. Rank is determined by Style, Technique, and Hit points measured through each player's action in eliminating monsters.

  • Formula for Rank: Style(70) + Technique(70) - Hits

Rank Required Points EXP Bonus
F 0 - 34
E 35 - 44
D 45 - 54
C 55 - 64
B 65 - 74 5%
A 75 - 84 10%
S 85 - 94 15%
SS 95 - 104 20%
SSS 105 - 140 30%


Style points can be raised through following actions. Consists of 70 points.

  • Hit Combo (30 points): Number of consecutive hits landed on any targets on the field. Even if the attack has been halted, combo hits can be continued if one manages to attack within time limit. Less than 5 combo hits do not count as a point.
  • Aerial (30 points): Number of consecutive hits landed on any targets launched in the air.
  • Double/Triple/Quadruple Attack (10 points): Simultaneous hits landed on the same target by more than one player. Item such as a bomb also counts as a simultaneous hit.

  • Tip: The style percentage can be easily increased by taking off your current weapon or equipping a very bad weapon, a weapon that does low damage.

Less damage, more combos. More combos, more style points!


Technique points can be raised through following actions. Consists of 70 points.

  • Counter (20 points): Successfully land a hit on any targets in attack motion.
  • Back Attack (20 points): Attack a target from behind.
  • Overkill (30 points): Land powerful attack on a target as a finishing blow that deals equivalent or more than 30% of target's maximum HP.


Total number of attacks the party received in total. Each hit diminishes the sum of style and technique points depending on how many maps the party explored. In other words, more maps the party runs, less penalty the party receives.