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Ancient Trigger

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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Skill data may be outdated.

Ancient Trigger.png Ancient Trigger

Awakening Active Skill

Female Launcher

Command: Upkey.pngUpkey.pngDownkey.pngDownkey.pngZ.png
Prerequisite Level: 50
Prerequisite Skills: None


Summons a giant cannon from underground. Fires eight secondary lasers, followed by a large laser from the main cannon.


  • SP per level: 0
  • Cast Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: 145 sec.
  • This skill consumes 5 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments.
  • MP -4.0% Cooldown -2.0% on Command


  • "120% Bonus Dragon Damage" is a 1.2* modifier on damage inflicted to Dragon type monsters.
  • Repeatedly pressing the basic attack or skill hotkey during the large laser will generate a stronger laser. The stronger laser does not fire until the four meters on the sides of the cannon reach the third and final stage, glowing completely yellow.
  • When this skill reaches certain skill ranks it gains bonus properties:
    • At level 3, the main cannon's hit stun is improved and it knocks enemies back. Additionally, an enemy-repelling barrier is created.
    • At level 6, the main cannon is included in the attack range and inflicts damage when it self-destructs at the end of its duration.
    • At level 9, the small, blue laser beams remain while the main cannon fires.


  • The fastest charge is achieved by rapidly pressing both the basic attack and skill hotkeys.
    • If charged quickly, the main laser fires for ~5 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
    • At fastest charge, base artillery hits 4 times and charged artillery hits 17 times, inflicting ~60-78% higher total damage than an uncharged Ancient Trigger.
  • Ancient Trigger has deceptively low range. The main laser has a bit lower range than Steyr AMR. The small laser sequence before it has even less range, but they share the main laser's range when fired with it (level 9+). In practice, when standing on one side of the Training Center, Ancient Trigger cannot hit a target on the other end.
  • At level 3+, due to the constant hit stun from the barrier, it is possible to pin most foes against the wall for the entire skill's duration. This is especially useful against troublesome foes such as Luminous Anodron, the boss of Altar of Ascension.
  • The small lasers ignore super armor and hit 6 times before the main laser fires.
    • At level 9+, they reactivate with the main laser and hit an additional 15 (16 if quickly charged) times. This effect is real time; switching equipment to increase or decrease Ancient Trigger's skill level to or below level 9 will activate or deactivate the small lasers instantly.

Skill Growth


Skill Level Level Req. MP Laser Base Artillery Charged Artillery Bonus Dragon Damage Self-destruct
Physical Dmg. Physical Dmg. Duration Max Hits Physical Dmg. Max Hits Physical Dmg.
1 50 - - - 4 sec. 16 - 17 120% -
2 55 1151
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
3 60 1302
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
4 65 1453
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
5 70 1604
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
6 75 1755
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
7 80 1906
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
8 85 2057
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
9 90 2208
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
10 95 2359
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
11 100 2510
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
12 105 2661
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100
max-width:200px 100


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