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DorothyIcon.png Dorothy
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Guard
Location Aphelia Otherverse Entrance

Dorothy was a guard sent by the Empire to overlook the Inter-dimensional Portal. She hypothesized that the existence of the portal was due to the appearance of the Apostle Delezie. After the Great Metastasis, her current whereabouts are unknown.



  • Sigh. Dungeon Fighters never listen to my warnings. This place is dangerous.
  • What is the truth behind this interdimensional portal? Where does it come from?
  • This area is restricted.
  • If something happens to you in the interdimensional portal, the Empire will not be held responsible.

Conversation start

  • I am officer Dorothy. I have been sent by the Empire to oversee the interdimensional portal.
  • Can I ask you for a favor?
  • If you intend to enter the interdimensional portal, perhaps I can be of assistance.
  • I will give all the information I have.

Conversation end

  • When you return, tell me what you saw.
  • I won't make you endure pointless formalities and endless red tape.
  • Perhaps we may meet again.
  • If you insist on going through the portal, I won't stop you.


  • One of her responses (when you gift Dorothy the correct item) hint that she used to be a scholar, but had to quit for an unknown reason.