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Tau Beast

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Tau Beast
Tau Beast.png

The boss of Mirkwood is a giant Tau Beast that will be intimidating to most new Dungeon Fighters. As expected from its enormous stature, it will hit hard, but is very slow. Note that it can also be encountered in later dungeons as a normal monster.

Move List

It has a very limited move set, as shown below:

  • A roar that has a chance of stunning a character for a small period of time.
  • A frontal smash attack that is powerful but is very slow. The Tau Beast also has Super Armor while charging and executing this move.


  • A good strategy is to stay behind the Tau Beast when it charges its attack and use this opportunity to use your strongest attacks.
  • Grab attacks are also effective in this fight as they will counter its Super Armor status.
  • Eliminate the Tau and Goblins (especially the Icon-Sigave.png Sigaves) before you fight the boss, as their attacks and thrown projectiles may hinder you enough to allow the boss to do major damage with its smash attack.
  • In areas where there are a large number of other monsters present, it may be prudent to target and kill the Tau Beast first, as the stun effect its roar imposes upon you will render you extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.


  • The Tau Beast will be present in some dungeon maps, such as Shadow Thunderland and Grakqarak, as a mere monster. Although it has significantly less health, it still retains its devastating attacks.