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Category:Time Gate Dungeons

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Time Gate
Time Gate.png
Location City of Shonan
Min. Level 70
Level 70-80
Monster Level 70-81
End Boss Icon-Iris Fortune Singer.png  Iris Fortune Singer
Map of Time Gate
Loading Screen of Time Gate

Time Gate is the dungeon area which succeeds Oceanic Express and precedes the Power Station. Its dungeons are accessed from the City of Shonan via a quest given by Siran, and require the player to be at least level 70.


Dungeon Name Level
The Great Blaze.png The Great Blaze 70-73
Epidemic.png Epidemic 71-74
Organization! The Kartel.png Organization! The Kartel 72-75
Black Crusade.png Black Crusade 73-76
Confidential Area.png Confidential Area 74-77
Old Screaming Cavern.png Old Screaming Cavern 75-78
Naissance.png Naissance 76-79
Awakening.png Awakening 77-80

Special Dungeon

Dungeon Name Level
Time Break.png Time Break 78-81

Quest only

Dungeon Name Level
TimeGateDungeon.png Time Gate
TransferredSpacetime.png Transferred Spacetime
FairyForest.png Fairy Forest
TheLawlessDistrict.png The Lawless District
TangledTimeGate.png Tangled Time Gate
Iris'sTime.png Iris's Time
Iris'sEpiphany.png Iris's Epiphany

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