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Veiled Cut

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Veiled Cut.png Veiled Cut

No Video
Awakening Passive Skill

Female Ranger

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 50
Prerequisite Skills: None


Certain Bloodsport skills deliver an additional slash attack, Bleeding the target and increasing the caster's Strength.

[[[File:Veiled Cut.png|link=Veiled Cut]] Veiled Cut Applicable Skills:]

Veiled Cut.png Veiled Cut's Strength bonus is disabled in the Arena


  • SP per level: 45
  • Master Level: 30
  • Max Level: 40
  • STR Bonus Duration: 20 sec
  • Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status):
    • Chance: 100% (Varies in Arena )
    • Duration: 4 sec


  • The first level is automatically acquired upon awakening as a Bloodia.
  • Twin Gunblade.png Twin Gunblade casts Veiled Cut.png Veiled Cut during its blade attack.
  • Bleeding of Veiled Cut.png Veiled Cut applies to all the Bloody Carnival.png Bloody Carnival attacks.
  • Bleeding is applied with a chance of 100% for all affected skills (PvE Only).
  • Bleed duration is 4 seconds.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req STR Bonus Bleeding (Status).png Bleed (Status) Additional Slash Atk.
Level Atk. (Minimum)
1 48 +156 50 1913 986%
2 51 +162 53 2334 1075%
3 54 +170 56 2771 1165%
4 57 +176 59 3191 1254%
5 60 +183 62 3620 1344%
6 63 +190 65 4049 1434%
7 66 +197 68 4478 1523%
8 69 +203 71 4906 1613%
9 72 +210 74 5327 1702%
10 75 +218 77 5756 1792%
11 78 +224 80 6185 1882%
12 81 +231 83 6614 1971%
13 84 +238 86 7034 2061%
14 87 +245 89 7463 2150%
15 90 +251 92 7892 2240%
  • Bleed values are from a Lv. 85 Bloodia

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