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Constructor Luke

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Icon-Constructor Luke.png
Constructor Luke
Empowered Luke
I am afraid. I am Luke, the king of Hebron and the monarch of light and darkness--I can't die such a pathetic death! It can't be a premonition! I won't die. I'll change fate if I must. I'll prove that premonition is wrong. I'll create something in my likeness, so that they could die instead of me. I'll also create the strongest warriors that will allow no enemies near me.

Luke, also known as The One Who Touches Earth Without A Word is the Ninth Apostle of Arad. Ever since his birth, Luke's blood drove him into a life of endless constructing. The Second Apostle, Hilder, witnessed his abilities and asked him to rebuild Pandemonium. The progress is slow because he is doing this job alone, though. He is currently rebuilding Metro Center that used to belong to Anton and trying to supply Pandemonium with constant energy. It is said that he was being pressured by Bakal 1000 years ago to build the Castle of the Dead for him, which connects the land of Pandemonium and the land of Empyrean, but the truth is, he built the place of his own free will.

While much about Luke still remains unknown, it was him who showed Bakal many events of the future, including the death of the Apostles, and what that entailed.

Luke serves as the central antagonist of the Pandemonium quest-line and final boss of the Luke's Laboratory dungeons.