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Low Grade Elemental Crystal

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Low Grade Elemental Crystal.png
Low Grade Elemental Crystal
0.001 kg
2 Gold

A material used for performing quests and Compounding/crafting/Enchanting items.

Professional Alchemists can upgrade Low Grade Elemental Crystal to High Grade Elemental Crystal. (Crystal Source: Disassembled Rare/Unique items)


  • Obtained from disassembling Rare or Unique items.




Icon Name Binding Recipe Profession/Craft Level Materials Description
Amateur Card Compounder.png Amateur Card Compounder (1) Profession Recipe Tier 6.png Recipe: Amateur Card Compounder Enchanting 6
Expert Card Compounder.png Expert Card Compounder (1) Profession Recipe Tier 9.png Recipe: Expert Card Compounder Enchanting 11
Raw Mana.png Raw Mana (1) Profession Recipe Tier 1.png Recipe: Mana Crystal Alchemy 1
Rookie Alchemy Extractor.png Rookie Alchemy Extractor (1) Untradable Profession Recipe Tier 1.png Recipe: Rookie Alchemy Extractor Alchemy 1
Rookie Card Compounder.png Rookie Card Compounder (1) Profession Recipe Tier 3.png Recipe: Rookie Card Compounder Enchanting 3