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How to get started

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Welcome to DFO World Wiki! Our main goal is to provide as much information as possible on all aspects of Dungeon Fighter Online. Everyone is not only welcome but also encouraged to contribute to our collaborative effort. Creating and editing pages are restricted to registered users, so if you wish to contribute, we invite you to sign up beforehand.

Below is a guide on how you can help to improve our wiki. A full reading is highly recommended, but if you are intent on getting out there right away, do so at your discretion.

General Tips for ALL Contributors

  • Next to the "save page" button is a preview button. Please try to use it to avoid spamming Recent Changes.
  • Correct spelling gets you points.
  • If you're taking information from a source, make sure to link to the source.
  • If you don't know how to format something, go to a page that you think is nicely formatted and click on the "edit", and base your edits off of that.
    • Don't change this code, if you want to experiment do it on your userpage.
    • Eyeball the code until you see something that you recognize
    • Copy the code in the same paragraph as the part you recognize
    • Paste it onto the page that you're working on.
    • Replace the text as needed.
    • You may also make use of Excel2Wiki to assist in table creation.
  • When uploading new images, try to "Upload a new version of this file" if there is already a previous one.
    • Check to see if previous images have a category that can be reused.

What to do

Wiki Policy

In order to keep the information universal across servers and to provide a safe environment, these policies have been instituted.


  • If you're taking information from a source, make sure to link to the source.
  • Use Template:FutureContent at the top of the page to label it as future content to avoid confusion.
  • Nominate bad pages for deletion. To do this, simply type " {{Delete}} " on the page. To add a reason, use " {{Delete|Reason Goes Here}} ".
  • Follow the Style Guide for writing articles.


  • Obviously, do not upload or link to offensive materials. If you are in any doubt about whether something is offensive or not, then do not upload/link it at all.
  • Do not make joke pages or non-DFO-related pages (unless put under your user page and clearly marked as such).
  • Do not knowingly make up information to confuse people. Accidents are okay, but if it's on purpose, it will be deleted.
  • Do not vandalize pages or user pages.
    • As an extension of this rule, do not make pages just to advertise, even if its dfo-related.
  • Do not make wiki articles for players. Use your User page for that. See below for info on that.
  • Similarly, do not make wiki articles for guilds.
    • As an extension of this rule, do not make user accounts to represent a guild. User accounts are meant for people to contribute to the wiki, not to advertise themselves.
    • Also, do not insert guild adverts into pages. Use your User page for that.
  • Do not insert comments into articles. Please use the page's Talk page if you want to talk about an article. The talk page is the "discussion" tab located at the top of the article.
  • There is no need to sign your articles. If you make contributions to this wiki, other people can see the credits in the History tab. It is required by license that whenever the content in this wiki is reused, the contributors should be credited.
  • Do not post links to mods or otherwise advertise mods.
    • If you are using a mod for research, it is fine to report the results, but overall, the wiki does not condone the use of mods and takes no responsibility should you be punished for their use.