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Demonic Lancer

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Demonic Lancer
An imperial knight who utilizes the destructive strength of the demonic lance.
Job NPC Leno
Specialized Weapon Long Lance, Halberd, Javelin, Beam Spear
Alternate Names Korean: 마창사 (Machangsa)
Chinese: 魔枪士 (Mó qiāng shì)
The lost children of Sirocco...

Now, they have raised their lances against the nobles of the empire.

This lance is burdened with the future of my people.

The Imperial Arena. A place where slaves are forced to fight in mortal combat
for the entertainment of their noble masters. Life was meaningless in the arena,
defeat meant certain death while victory only gave reprieve to live another day.

This bloody and senseless sport was once exclusively controlled by the nobles
but now the arena has been opened to the public by the orders of the Emperor.

He promised riches and fame to anyone who would bring glory to the Arena but most of all,
freedom to any slave who could win it all.

To become a champion meant great wealth and the status of an imperial noble.
This was enough to tempt not only feeble adventurers in participating but also slaves
like the Demonic Lancers to fight in the arena even if it meant battling their own kin.

The Demonic Lancers suffered greatly as every victory against their own meant absorbing
the power of the demonic lance of the fallen into themselves.

The suffering was so great that a number of Demonic Lancers abandoned their ambition and
headed to Silver Crown to find a way to lift their accursed power and free themselves from the cycle of chaos.

The Demonic Lancer is a melee fighter who, unlike other melee based classes, has the benefit of extra range due to using elongated weaponry. A former slave burdened by the power of the demonic lance, the Lancer makes a quest of freedom from the lancer's ominous powers and to strike a blow against the empire that had enslaved him.


  • Possesses the highest consistent melee range.
  • Generally less mobile compared to other melee classes
  • Slides back instead of jumping back when using Backstep.png Backstep, allowing for him to backstep consecutively with little delay.
  • Attack combos generally easy to learn.

Subclass Advancement

The Demonic Lancer has the option of choosing the following subclasses upon creation:


A Halberd-wielding character who engages the battlefield with slow yet powerful Area-of-Effect attacks and can chain regular attacks with stronger skills. Impact Smash.png Impact Smash allows him to repeatedly weave attacks in one after the other. The Vanguard has relatively high survivability due to wearing Heavy Armor.


A Long Lance-wielding character who engages in lightning fast attacks and combos, leaving no openings for his enemies. Through Mirage Stance.png Mirage Stance he can cancel his attacks and leave a mirage behind to continue them for him. The Skirmisher favors speed over defense with his specialization in Light Armor.


A Javelin-wielding character who engages in darkness-based ranged attacks. One of his core mechanics is centered around Encroach.png Encroach which encroaches his enemies in dark force, increasing the amount of damage allies deal to enemies and changing how some of his skills work when attacking enemies. The Impaler is the most fragile of the demonic lancers, wearing Leather Armor.


A beam Spear-wielding character who engages in a mix of melee and ranged magic attacks. He possesses many skills that can gather enemies around him, and his Servant Lance.png Servant Lances can be fired at enemies as he attacks, even holding them down. The Dragoon has high survivability due to wearing Heavy Armor.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


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