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Job NPC Bowmaster Ludmilla
Specialized Weapon Longbow, Lyra Bow
Alternate Names Archer
Korean: 아처

The Girls with Bows: The Archers
Far up in the sky, there existed a place.

Around this land, numerous floating islands stood tall, and the inhabitants born and raised there established their settlements.

They referred to their world as "Celesti", a term embodying the harmony between nature and humans who cherished the blessings of the natural world, and called themselves "Celestians".

The Celestians valued their freedom, thus rendering their kind to be devoid of rulers or subjects.

Their aspiration was to emulate the nature that surrounded them and revel in absolute freedom.

As their population grew, they naturally expanded their territories.

The residents of the initial settlement, called "The First Land Under the Sky", turned their attention to the nearby floating islands, starting to contemplate on ways to reach them.

These islands seemed tantalizingly close yet were separated by an impenetrable barrier of empty air. For a considerable time, no one could resolve this predicament.

Then, one person emerged - the renowned "Eccentric Finder," who would later become known as the first mage and a pioneer.

He showcased extraordinary innate magical abilities, effortlessly leaping between the floating islands.

This feat instantaneously solved the longstanding dilemma, heralding an era of exploration and adventure within Celesti.

With the advent of this new era, mages were the first to emerge.

Inspired by Finder, others followed suit, eagerly learning from the eccentric mage and devising novel techniques.

What began as leaping between floating islands evolved into the mastery of igniting fire, creating water, and manipulating the wind.

They developed means to travel alongside companions, bear heavy loads, and combat threats encountered in their new lands.

These advancements collectively became known as "magic," and the individuals who created and honed these skills were hailed as "mages."

Subsequently, inventors entered the stage.

Dwelling in a realm permeated with abundant magical energy yet unable to harness any of it due to their nonexistant predisposition for any magic, they become the first inventors.

As they couldn't wield magic themselves, they sought to fashion tools that could do so.

Their knowledge expanded exponentially, surpassing the growth that even magic had achieved, and continued to evolve and improve.

They conceived new concepts and applied them to the real world.

Inventions powered by magical energy within the mist, crafted by these inventors, seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of Celestians and enhanced their civilization.

Ultimately, the birth of "Mistpunk" gave rise to the genius of the century known as "Werner," shortly after which "airships" were invented.

The invention of the airship ushered in another era, enabling mass cargo transportation and facilitating movement between the floating islands.

Trading hubs emerged and commerce flourished, fostering the growth of large-scale merchants.

Adventurers seeking unexplored territories embarked on expeditions with increased fervor, sparking a competition for discovering new resources.

While facing numerous challenges, the Celestians persevered, eventually piercing through the enveloping mist that shrouded all of Celesti and thus establishing communication with Empyrean.

Within the development of the Celesti, opposition also emerged.

Pirates targeted the airships of merchants while Malefic Beasts and Spirits lurked within the Empty Sea, ambushing unsuspecting humans.

However, the Celestians did not retreat.

Instead, they confronted these adversaries.

Some aided the victims of such threats during their travels while others skillfully wielded musical instruments like bows, resonating deeply with Sacred Beasts to force their foes to retreat.

Proficient hunters, supported by the merchants, formed private flight squads to combat these threats as well.

Rumors even circulated of individuals harnessing the power of Malefic Spirits in their battles.

The chosen weapon of these individuals was the bow.

In the boundless sky where relentless winds howled, even maintaining one's balance alone proved challenging.

The bow was a lightweight weapon that could be wielded easily upon airships, and their arrows soared with pinpoint accuracy upon the winds to pierce the throats of their enemies.

It served as a formidable tool on its own or when imbued with magic. Lastly, it could be enhanced through various inventions, enabling extensive and diverse transformations.

And now, these girls are here. They stand atop two eras, each shaped by the forces of magic and mechanical engineering, and wield their bows to safeguard the freedom of the world they hold so dear.

The Archer is a free-spirit adventurer who hails from the high floating lands known as Celesti. The Archer wields a variety of bows to attack the enemy from afar with deadly precision, accuracy and mobility to match. They travel the skies, their goal is to find the mysterious Anti Enbi to save their land and their people.


  • Like the Gunners, the Archer fights within medium to long range.

Subclass Advancement

The Archer has the option of choosing the following subclasses upon creation:


A Buffer support class that supports her party with musical skills.


A Dealer offensive class that combines acrobatic marksmanship with tech-based arsenal.





Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.


Archer Skills

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Archer TP Skills

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Media Content


  • Within the Archer's lore, Celesti is referred in place of Seon, which was renamed from the former during the Season 8 Act 1. Seon update.

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