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Dungeons are areas in which you attempt to find the boss room and defeat the monsters you encounter on the way. Every new dungeon room that you enter uses 1 Fatigue Point. If you enter with a party, EXP will be multiplied at the end and then split amongst all members.

Defeating the boss in the boss room will automatically finish the dungeon, all other enemies will count as defeated and give EXP.

With the Great Metastasis, monsters now have their HP scaled according to the number of Party members. However, this mostly applies for the new dungeons.

Dungeon Types

There are different types of dungeons in DFO:

  • Normal: Your normal dungeons. No entry fees and few gimmicks. Defeat the boss to clear the dungeon.
  • Scenario: Dungeons during Epic Quests progression. Has unique map layout and monsters depending on the current progression of the Epic Quest.
  • Loop of Circulation: Dungeons that randomly generates a corresponding region's lineup, following the end of a Epic Quest's progression and excludes Scenario-based map layouts.

Dungeon Difficulty Settings

Only the Normal difficulty level is initially unlocked when you gain access to a new dungeon. You must first meet certain requirements in order to unlock higher difficulty levels. Once you have unlocked a difficulty, that difficulty is unlocked for all your characters.

Normal Difficulty.png Normal Normal is the initial difficulty for all dungeons. To gain initial access to a dungeon you must reach the minimum level required, clear a prior dungeon, or accept a certain epic quest.
Expert Difficulty.png Expert Expert is the second available difficulty and can be unlocked once you clear the dungeon's Normal mode with an A rank or higher. Enemies gain a small boost in hit rate and HP while you have a small drop in hit rate. Monsters with special effects will appear more frequently.
Master Difficulty.png Master Master is the third available difficulty and can be unlocked once you clear the dungeon's Expert mode without using Life Tokens with an S rank or higher without being attacked more than 20 times. It is only available in Antwer Canyon dungeons and beyond. Enemies have a moderate boost in hit rate and health while you have a moderate drop in hit rate. Monsters with special effects will appear more frequently than on Expert.
King Difficulty.png King King is the fourth available difficulty and can be unlocked once you clear the dungeon's Master mode without using Life Tokens with an SSS rank without being attacked more than 10 times. It is only available in Antwer Canyon dungeons and beyond. Enemies have a great boost in hit rate and health while you have a large drop in hit rate. Monsters with special effects will appear more frequently than on Master.
Hero Difficulty.png Slayer Slayer is the fifth available difficulty and can be unlocked once you clear the dungeon's King mode without using Life Tokens with an SSS rank without being attacked more than 5 times. It is only available in Time Gate dungeons and beyond. Enemies have a massive boost in hit rate and health while you have an even larger drop in hit rate. Monsters with special effects will appear more frequently than on King. As of Season 7 Act 02, Slayer is now implemented within the Level 110 Normal Dungeons.
- Hell Special mode that allows you to fight powerful enemies for the chance to get Epic items. Hell Mode features a room with a pink boss icon somewhere on the map. Once you reach the icon, there will be a locked portal from Hell. Every time you hit it a monster may spawn. Once all the monsters are spawned and eliminated, hit it a few more times and then the Hell Party will spawn. See Hell Mode for more in-depth information.

Heroic Mode

Originally introduced within KDnF's Second Impact Update on December 17th, 2009, Hero's Road started off as a fifth difficulty that not only gave monsters a larger increase in stats and adding new champion variants, but bosses themselves are given brand-new attacks during their fights. With the Global Client release of Season 7. Heroic Mode would later make its return now as a separate entity within the Normal Level 110 dungeons after clearing them on Slayer once per run. A certain amount of Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame will be required to enter the Heroic' version with its own difficulties, as monsters receive a far more substantial stat boost, while carrying over certain traits to further challenge Players.

To compensate for how powerful monsters are, a local weakness system is implemented in all four dungeon areas, to where they'll each have a randomized and decreased resistance to a specific Element and Abnormal Status. For example; White Land on Hero-Slayer could have lowered Fire Resistance.png Fire Resistance with Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) or King's Cradle might carry lowered Water Resistance.png Water Resistance with Frozen (Status).png Freeze (Status), giving players who specialize in either field the advantage. Local Weakness changes every six hours and has a daily reset at 9:00 UTC.

As of the Codename: GAEBOLG patch, Heroic Mode alongside its Local Weakness System has officially been removed from the Global Client.

Elemental & Abnormal Resistance Reduction Values Hero - Normal Hero - Expert Hero - Master Hero - King Hero - Slayer
Elemental Resistance Fire Resistance.png Fire Resistance Water Resistance.png Water Resistance Light Resistance.png Light Resistance Shadow Resistance.png Shadow Resistance
Abnormal Status Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) Frozen (Status).png Freeze (Status) Electrocution (Status).png Shock (Status) Poison (Status).png Poison (Status)
Reduction Values -10% ~ -5% -20% ~ -10% -30% ~ -15% -40% ~ -20% -50% ~ -25%


  • After the boss is defeated two rows of reward cards that might contain gold and/or equipment will appear. The number of bosses and mini-bosses that were defeated are added up and increase the chance of receiving rare items along with the gold.
    • the player will have three seconds in which to choose one card from each of the two rows (a total of two cards, one regular, one gold).
      • the player can choose to only turn over one normal card or both the normal and gold cards.
    • There is one card in each row that contains nothing regardless of how many enemies are defeated.
      • The first row's cards are free. The second row requires a gold amount that varies depending on the dungeon and is listed on the card.
    • There is a possibility of obtaining rare equipment from the cards that are unavailable elsewhere.
      • See the Dungeon Drop Guide for information about dungeon locations that might drop items in the level range you are interested in.
    • During some events, the middle row may open up, allowing for an additional card to be obtained (up to three max).


As of Act V, your rank is now calculated by the Combo Rate. Basically, in order to get a high rank, you or your party needs to constantly keep hitting the enemies to create long combos. The longer the combo, the more the Combo Rate will grow. The higher your total Combo Rate, the better your rank.

End Dungeon Experience Bonus

Players will receive experience at the end of every dungeon. The base experience is the total experience from killing monsters. The experience is then boosted by a set percentage based on several factors:


Extra EXP is gained depending on your dungeon Rank. A higher Combo Rate increases the Rank.

Rank Bonus
F, E, D, C -
B +5%
A +10%
S +15%
SS +20%
SSS +30%


Gives extra EXP if you are in a Party of 2 or more. Base XP is split evenly among party members. This "bonus" effectively negates the Base XP split of having party members.

# of Members Bonus
1 -
2 +100%
3 +200%
4 +300%

Custom Channel

Gives a 5% bonus if you're in the correct channel corresponding to a dungeon. Highlight the Channels to see what dungeons are affected by the bonus EXP.

Guild Express

Gives EXP based on the Stage of the Guild Express. Ranges from 3-10% extra EXP.


Gives extra EXP for having a Creature equipped.


Gives extra EXP for being in the correct Region. You can see if you get the Regional Bonus if you switch channels and the notice pops up in the chat.


Gives extra EXP for having Avatars equipped.

Burning Time & Growth Potion

Gives extra EXP if an Event or Growth Potion is in effect. The EXP gained is dependent on the Event or Potion used. Growth Potions will not stack with events that increase EXP gained.

Returned Hero

Gives a 20% EXP bonus if you Party with a Returned Hero.


Grants extra EXP if characters in the Party are in a Mentorship.

Main Dungeon Zones

Origins Dungeons

Dungeon Zone Level Range
Grand Flores 1 ~ 16
Sky Tower 17 ~ 23
Behemoth 24 ~ 29
Aphelia 30 ~ 35
Noire Ferra 36 ~ 39
Mount Thunderime 40 ~ 45
North Myre 46 ~ 49
Mirror Arad 50 ~ 61
Antwer Canyon 63 ~ 70
Oceanic Express 71 ~ 74
Time Gate 75 ~ 80
Power Station 81 ~ 83
Anton 84 ~ 85
Castle of the Dead 85 ~ 86
Luke's Laboratory 87 ~ 90
Metro Center 87 ~ 90
Harlem 90 ~ 95
Final Defense Line 95
Nighttime Skyscraper 95
Stadium 95
East Harlem 95
Old Ghent Palace 96 ~ 100
Roschest 98 ~ 100
Abysmal Sky Tower 100
Exile Mountains 100
Black Purgatory 100
Otherwordly Dark Side 100
Lemidios' Sanctum 100 ~ 110
Northpiece 103 ~ 110
Destroyed Castle of the Dead 106 ~ 110
Eternal Flame Lab 108 ~ 110
The Meister's Laboratory 110
Temporary Post 110
Sky's Wish Gate 110
Library of Memories 110

Metastasis Dungeons

Dungeon Zone Level Range
Abnova 1 ~ 19
Meltdown 17 ~ 29
Castaway Cave 27 ~ 57
Inverted Waterfall 37 ~ 48
Iced Wall of Resignation 46 ~ 56
Antwer Canyon 55 ~ 66
Oceanic Express 64 ~ 70
Time Gate 70 ~ 81
Power Station 79 ~ 86
Castle of the Dead 85 ~ 88
Metro Center 86 ~ 90

Metastasis Side Dungeon Zones

Dungeon Zone Level Range
Golden Road 25 ~ 86
Valley of Fallen Souls 40 ~ 70
Dark Elf Ruins 40 ~ 86
Another Arad 55 ~ 86
Suju Tournament Field 69 ~ 86
Interdimensional Rift 70 ~ 86
Mt. Kulun 84 ~ 86
Time Gate - Requiem 85 ~ 88
Anton 85 ~ 100
Luke's Laboratory 90 ~ 110
Pandemonium Junction 90+

Pre Metastasis Dungeons

Dungeon Zone Level Range
Lorien 1 ~ 2
Grand Flores 2 ~ 17
Sky Tower 16 ~ 28
Behemoth Sanctuary 27 ~ 39
Noire Ferra 37 ~ 42
Mount Thunderime 42 ~ 57
Slums 40 ~ 54
Temple of Apostasy 46 ~ 50
North Myre 48 ~ 67
Moonlight Tavern 49 ~ 52
Citadel 52 ~ 56
Antwer Canyon 57 ~ 62
Otherverse 65 ~ 70
Oceanic Express 64 ~ 71
Hill Vale 20 ~ 60
Valley of Fallen Souls 20 ~ 70
Suju Tournament Field 70 ~ 70


Added in a Global Server update during 2016, Raids in DFO are generally depicted as high-scaled, endgame content that comes in several phases, eventually culminating with Boss fights, and introduces multiple mechanics. Each Raid implentented has pre-requisites that are needed to be fulfilled before gaining access with either a group of 12 ~ 16 players to coordinate with one another, or solo modes within a certain time limit.

These are completely optional to participate and depending on the Raid you're choosing, they offer various rewards such as Undaunted Determination.png Undaunted Determinations, Monster Cards, and Materials required for upgrading your characters' equipment.

Current Raids

Dungeon Name Level Active
Fiend War.png Fiend War 95 April 2019
Prey Isys Raid.png Prey-Isys Raid 95 September 2019
Sirocco Raid.png Sirocco the Intangible Raid 100 October 2020
Ozma Raid.png Ozma of Chaos Raid 100 October 2021
MachineRevolution TotalWar.png The Machine Revolution: Total War 110 February 2023
MachineRevolution BakalRaid.png The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid 110 April 2023


Advanced Dungeons

Introduced as part of the Season 7 Act 01. - The Next Journey update, Advanced Dungeons, are a new type of endgame content that allows another form of progression towards players to let their characters obtain Area-exclusive Epic Equipment or various resources that is only available within those respective dungeons.

Dungeon Name Level Active
Queen Fallt.png Noblesse Code 110 July 2022
Noblesse Code.png Noblesse Code: Dusk 110 May 2023
Destroyed Castle Of The Dead.png Destroyed Castle of the Dead 110 July 2022
The Meister's Laboratory.png The Meister's Laboratory 110 September 2022
White Cloud Valley.png White Cloud Valley 110 February 2024
Solidaris.png Solidaris 110 February 2024

Legion Dungeons

Released and introduced to the Global Server in November 2022, Legion Dungeons are content that functions similarly between a Raid and Advanced Dungeon in which, either you or a party of four players can team up and battle through a series of four or more bosses in their respective dungeons within a certain time limit. Doing so successfully will offer numerous rewards in return.

Current Legion Dungeons

Dungeon Name Level Active
Ispins.png Ispins, The Usurped Lands 110 November 2022
ArchmageHoD.png The Archmage's Hall of Dimensions 110 May 2023
Dusky Island 110 March 2024

Obsolete Dungeons

With the beginning of 2018's The Origin and leading up to future updates, any past or present content that was previously featured throughout DFO's Global Client that is considered outdated and no longer required, will be phased out in favor of adding in newer additions for leveling or gearing purposes.

Season 4

  • Otherverse - Entry level endgame dungeons. They have entry restrictions and have gimmicks in nearly every room. Notably hard due to many rooms causing Instant Death if not cleared correctly. Otherverse dungeons operate off of Exorcism Parameter and drop Chronicle gear, including set pieces which grants powerful set bonuses. Otherverse dungeons use the Infinite difficulty system, allowing the player to access a higher difficulty for each difficulty cleared.
  • Ancient - Endgame dungeons. They require an entry fee and have dangerous gimmicks. These dungeons usually require a strategy in order to get through them in one piece. Ancients can drop Unique equipment not found elsewhere. There are Limited quests which require Ancient dungeon runs, and will reward with materials used to buy Legendary equipment. Ancient dungeons use the Infinite difficulty system, allowing the player to access a higher difficulty for each one cleared.
  • Special Dungeons: Previously, The final dungeon of each dungeon area (with the exception of Mt. Kulun). Requires 8 FP to enter, but does not use any more FP while traversing through the dungeon. There are minor gimmicks in certain rooms depending on the dungeon. Clearing the dungeon for Feat quests will net a special title.
    • Some of these dungeons have either been relegated to Scenario-only, or removed entirely.

Season 5

  • Anton - Was considered at one point, to be the highest difficult endgame dungeon. Anton required a great understanding of mechanics for each boss fight, coupled with high levels of equipment, in order to get through. The Five Normal Anton dungeons must be done in a specified order, starting with Source of the Black Smoke and ending with Black Volcano. There is a 12 Life Token.png Life Token Usage Restriction for each dungeon that is shared with party members. Normal Anton monsters do not scale according to the amount of people in the party, thus advocating 4 player parties. Normal Anton monsters only drop loot once per FP reset (at 9:00 UTC).
    • In June 2019's Operation: Hope update, all contents related to Anton Raid (Normal & Solo Mode) were removed and turned into Anton Subjugation.

Season 6

  • Interdimensional Rift - Entry level endgame dungeons. Essentially a merged version of both Otherverse and Ancient dungeons. Farm both chronicle gear and materials for purchasing Ancient legendary gear here. Has three difficulty settings and can be entered 5 times per day per character. Interdimensional Rift dungeons do not consume FP and don't count as clearing an optimal level dungeon.
    • In April's 2020 Ascension Update, everything related to Otherverse were removed entirely.
  • Luke's Laboratory - Luke Normal dungeons followed a similar structure with Anton, in which five dungeons are required to be cleared in a specified order, starting from Sanctuary of Birth and ending with Solium Machina, while learning the mechanics for each boss fight encountered and offering it's own respective rewards upon being cleared.
    • In April's 2020 Ascension Update, all contents related to Luke Raid (Normal|Solo|Hard Mode) were removed and turned into Luke Subjugation.


  • Abysmal Arena - A Japan/China exclusive Valley of the Fallen Souls Tower that was brought over for Nexon-DFO's final update, Abysmal Amphitheater. Abysmal Arena is essentially a boss-rush styled dungeon that challenges players with tougher versions of monsters they've face in past and present dungeons, and would be rewarded to purchase Boss Unique weapons. This Tower was never seen again as of the current Global Client.