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Kazan of Destruction

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Kazan The God of Extinction.png
Age 38 (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Spirit (Formerly Human)
Affiliation Pelos Empire (Formerly)
Occupation God of Destruction
God of Extinction
Alias N/A
Location Arad Continent
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Kazan was a legendary general of the Pelos Empire over 800 years ago. Due to a trap set by the emperor, he was tricked and murdered along with his friend Ozma. After becoming a ghost, he refused Ozma's plan to destroy the world, and instead wandered the land spreading his curse, the Kazan Syndrome.


As an Ally/Enemy


  • "Hismar, it was not my axe that defeated you, but the magic of my friend, Ozma." ~Kazan, toward Hismar's body
  • "Let's test your abilities! Who will be the master? Your will, or my madness!" ~Kazan to Zieg

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Kazan alongside Ozma portrayed in the The Will of Fighters Comic

Kazan's Human Portrait

Kazan Possessed With Rage

Transparent Version

Kazan Face Closeup

Kazan's Curse upon the Afflicted

Kazan as he appears in Ozma Raid