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Rangelus' Guerillas

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Rangelus' Guerillas
Rangelus' Guerillas.png
Location Interdimensional Rift
Min. Level 70
Level 70-86
Monster Level 70-80
End Boss No Icon.png Gershen Grigun


Rangelus' Guerillas Lore.png

Rangelus' Guerillas are the Kartel's secret brigade of soldiers, stationed deep within the Kartel's urban fortifications. Within this base, the Guerillas are organizing for an all-out assault on Arad. Dungeon Fighters, you must face Rangelus' Guerillas, the world's most elite band of mercenaries. These soldiers are battle-hardened and meticulously trained for a brutal raid on Arad. You must strike hard...and fast!


  • Otherverse Dungeon
  • Only 8 Tokens can be used per run.
  • Must have a Party of 2 people to enter Medium or Higher difficulties
  • This dungeon can only be run 2 times a day. This resets the next day.


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Fatigue Points: 6


This particular Otherverse dungeon sort of acts as a damage test and relies on some Party coordination. The overall dungeon is much easier to deal with than the other Otherverse dungeons, but has a much harder boss encounter to compensate.

Recommend Items

  • Expert Brainwash Recovery Potion
  • Expert Bleeding Recovery Potion
  • Expert Sleep Recovery Potion
  • Skytree Nut

Room 1

  • Minigun Guerrilla x2
  • Guerrilla Trooper x2
  • Guerrilla Bomber

Very straightforward room. The Minigun Guerrillas fire their machine guns straight forward and can't move (but can be moved using skills). The Troopers shoot their guns and the Bomber lays landmines. The Bomber will also leave behind a large landmine when he dies; this is important for the next room. Essentially, just take out the enemies in the room, and get behind the Minigun Guerrillas to take them out.

Room 2

  • Baulthral

This is a very interesting room. As you'll no doubt notice, Baulthral has a TON of HP. He also has a ton of Defense, making normal attacks near worthless. So how do we kill him? Baulthral will summon Guerrilla Troopers and Bombers. The key is to kill the Bombers so that they leave behind their large landmines. From there, someone needs to lead or throw him into the landmine. When it goes off and hits him, Baulthral will lose a lot of HP. However, this is made tricky, since as the battle goes on, Baulthral will summon more troops to support him.

So what can Baulthral himself do? He'll pursue characters and attack them with his gun. When hit, players may be inflicted with a very high-level Bleed effect. Priests can Cure this but it requires a level 8 Cure. He's also got permanent Super Armor and is resilient to many Status Effects (but not totally immune to all of them). The best strategy is try and lure him around the room while avoiding his attacks and troops. Summons can help with distracting him, but be wary about them tanking him, as it just draws out the fight.

  • Note: Even with the reduced effectiveness, weapons and other items (such as Bone Red Dragon, Sentence: Reaper's Scythe, and Black Rings) that remove a percentage of the opponent's HP are highly effective against Baulthral's gigantic health pool. Sadly, such items are extremely rare.

Room 3

  • Guerrilla Trooper x2
  • Mortar Guerrilla x2
  • Guerrilla Medic
  • Guerrilla Sniper x2

This room's a bit of a breather compared to the last room. No gimmicks here, just beat on the enemies. The Mortar Guerrillas can fire off mortars that fly over players to hit behind them. The Guerrilla Medic can heal his allies and attack with a knife (take him out quick).

The Snipers lay on the other side of the room and attack from far away. Their actual attack is something similar to Neil the Sniper, with a large yellow crosshair moving around. So long as you avoid getting near the crosshair, you won't be hit. If hit, it does decent damage and has pretty high hitstun. Prioritize taking these guys out on higher roads.

  • After the Act 7 Part 3 update there is only one Guerilla Sniper in the room.

Room 4


  • Indestructible Salvo
  • Deputy Duegong

This room is either fairly easy or ridiculously hard. Upon entering the room, you'll see Indestructible Salvo and his Guard, Duegong. Salvo himself is very tough, and Duegong can't be hit at all, only dying when Salvo does.

So what do you have to deal with?

  • Bash/Jab: Salvo bashes a player with his bazooka. Depending on what he does, this will either knock you down or send you flying.
  • Spread Missiles: Salvo launches a missile or two from his bazooka which then split into even more missiles. Deal very significant damage and has a very wide range. Usually sends a player flying. Salvo can also shoot these missiles in a Stinger-like style, only in an arc.
  • Carpet Bomb: Salvo shoots a missile into the sky with a smoke trail. Several seconds later, you'll see marks appear on the ground and missiles will come flying down, hitting the room with explosions. Pay attention to where the missiles will land to avoid damage.
  • Supply Drop: A plane flies over the room dropping Medical Supply Boxes. These do nothing for players, but if Salvo reaches one, he'll recover a lot of HP. The best option is to destroy the boxes as soon as they appear.
  • Dash: Salvo dashes away to avoid damage. This only occurs if Salvo's taking too much damage.
  • Quick Rebound: Salvo often does this when knocked down. He can't be hit in this state.
  • Uppercut: Duegong often does this to players too close to Salvo. Often launches players.
  • Electric Fence: Duegong lays these down periodically. If hit by one, it deals continuous damage and can even trap you. Destroy these as soon as you can, since they can impede your progress.

Now, the big issue that usually gets players is when the screen turns red. Salvo is a very counter-based enemy. When dealt too much damage, the screen goes red and gunners will appear on one side of the room. The gunners fire bullets in bursts and cannot be hit at all. These can be very dangerous since they last a pretty good while, and if you keep attacking Salvo, more gunners will be summoned. This is VERY BAD since gunners can cover the entire room in bullets. Duegong often yells where they appear.

  • If he says "aim at the head", they shoot the top part of the screen.
  • If he says "aim at the body", they shoot the middle part of the screen.
  • If he says "aim at the legs", they shoot the bottom part of the screen.

The bullets can be avoided by moving away or jumping over the bursts. The extreme top and bottom of the screen are safe spots from the bullets.

Should you really decide to push your luck by attacking Salvo while the screen is red, Salvo will summon a Nuke. This is noted by sirens going off and the Nuke slowly approaching from the right side of the screen. If the Nuke lands, it will deal extreme damage to all players in the room. This can be avoided however by activating the shelter in the middle of the room. If at least 3 Players get on top of it, a shelter will form, protecting players from the blast.

So what's the general strategy then? Either attempt to take out Salvo quickly using high DPS attacks (risky but can get through the room quick) or take it slow and attack in bursts. The former strategy is only viable if your party is capable of very high damage output. This becomes less likely on higher roads. Salvo has insane hitstun and will attempt to counterattack every chance he gets. That said, you can't stunlock him to death. Many of his attacks leave him in invincibility frames. Most status effects are ineffective against him, but he isn't totally immune to them either. Grabs can be very useful to prevent Salvo from attacking. Salvo cannot summon back up while superholded so it is possible to finish the room without him calling any back up.

Act 7 Part 3

Duegong has been removed and the room is half as large as it used to be. The room displays where the gunners will appear, and the only cover half the screen.

The nuke no longer drops and there isn't a shelter in the middle of the room.

Room 5

  • Guerrilla Trooper x2
  • Guerrilla Medic x1
  • Mortar Guerrilla x2
  • One-Shot-One-Kill Swagger x1

Another breather room. Very similar to Room 3, but instead of Snipers this time, you get Swagger to deal with. Swagger is essentially a stronger Trooper that moves/attacks faster and has Super Armor. He can shoot piercing explosive bullets (think Steyr) and can instantly kill a player at a very low chance. That said, a very easy room to clear. Catch your breath here, since the next room is quite the challenge.

Room 6 (Boss Room)


  • Minigun Guerrilla x2
  • Kartel Soldier x2
  • Guerilla Sniper x2
  • Geminix the Seductress
  • Gershen Grigun

The final room is quite the challenge and a very complex mess.

  • Geminix is the highest priority target in the room. She can attack with her whip and inflict Mind Control across the room with her laugh. This is very dangerous and why she needs to be taken out as soon as possible. Bring Brainwash Potions or Mini/Mega World Toys to deal with the Mind Control.
  • The Kartel Soldiers only attack with a knife and stand guard over the Minigun Guerrillas. Not much of a threat, but you want to get rid of them eventually.
  • Two Guerrilla Snipers attack from the back of the room. You want to get rid of them to prevent their attacks from interrupting you.

And finally, we get to the boss, Gershen Grigun. He has many attacks and tricks up his sleeve and won't go down easily without a fight. Essentially, he's a very beefed-up Mechanic. So what is he capable of?

  • Melee attack: Short-ranged attack that has moderate hitstun. Only uses if you're too close.
  • Sleep Grenade (pre Act 5 part 1): Grigun rolls backwards and lets loose a Sleep Grenade that moves along the x-axis. Will inflict Sleep if it hits you. Use a Sleep Potion or Mini/Mega World Toys to wake up. Alternatively, other players can toss Skytree Nuts to wake others up. Move up or down to avoid it. Since the Act 5 part 1 update Gershen Grigun tosses a regular exploding grenade, which is far less dangerous than the sleep grenade making this boss easier.
  • Retreat: Grigun will cast Camouflage on himself and quickly move about the room before reappearing elsewhere.
  • Record Strong Land Runner (RSLR): Grigun will say he's summoning a RSLR, and a Land Runner will fall from the sky turning into a RSLR. These are basically giant Land Runners that move slowly about the room. If you get too close to one, it'll explode, dealing EXTREME damage and most likely killing anyone within the blast radius. Can be baited into blowing up using Summons and taunts (Jackyl/Shururu, Jimmy/Angus, etc.). Otherwise, attempt to kill them though ranged attacks or avoid them altogether.

When Gershen Grigun reaches certain levels of health, he'll use his Special Attacks.

  • G-DETECTOR: At around 80% HP, Grigun summons the G-DETECTOR (looks similar to G-3) to focus on one character. If the affected player does anything but walking or standing still, the G-DETECTOR will quickly blast them multiple times, most likely killing the character. It will then move to the closest available character. Only lasts 15 seconds.
  • Summon Tempesters: At around 50% HP, Grigun will summon 4 special Land Runners with Auras in the room. These must be taken out within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, it'll become an Air Combat Mech Tempester. The Tempesters act like a Mechanic's, but will last until they or Grigun dies. Knock them out of the air and wail on them; they have pretty crappy hitstun, so they can be beat on pretty easily.
  • Time Bombs: At around 30% HP, Grigun will become invincible and summon Time Bombs across the room. These will countdown from 5 to 0 and then explode, instantly killing players. This can be avoided by finding a faulty Time Bomb that has smoke coming out of it. When the Time Bombs hit 0, the faulty Time Bomb will create a Nen Guard to protect from the explosions. You can also avoid the explosions using Nen Guard and invincibility frames. Beware though! The Time Bombs can be destroyed, exploding prematurely and if you attack while in the Nen Guard, it can break it! Avoid using G-2 or Nen Spiral in this phase. Grigun will usually do this 3~4 times.
  • Note: His special attacks can be skipped if he is superholded upon reaching those HP thresholds.
  • BEWARE!!! If you burn through his health too fast without superholds, you may have to deal with overlapping special attacks (usually tempesters and time bombs). If this happens, you may just have to tank the Tempesters until Grigun stops with the time bombs.

Act 7 Part 3

The Guerilla Snipers have been removed and the Minigun Guerrillas are placed in the back of the room where the Snipers were previously. The room is half as large as before.

Geminix the Seductress has been removed.

Summon Tempesters puts them closer together on half of the screen, making them easier to destroy before turning into Air Combat Mech Tempester. The Air Combat Mech Tempesters are easier to destroy than before and don't attack as much.

Grigun no longer summons the Time Bombs.


  • Kartel
    • Minigun Guerrilla
    • Guerrilla Trooper
    • Guerrilla Bomber
    • Mortar Guerrilla
    • Guerrilla Medic
    • Guerrilla Sniper
    • Kartel Soldier
  • Champions
    • Baulthral
    • Indestructible Salvo
    • One-Shot-One-Kill Swagger
    • Geminix the Seductress


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