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Errand Runner Toby

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Errand Runner Toby
Errand Runner Toby.png
Age ???
Sex Male
Race Goblin
Occupation Adventurer's Guild Merchant
Location Elvenguard

Toby is a young Goblin that accompanies the Player at the beginning of their adventure, providing brief information about the monsters in Grand Flores. Originally a cowardly goblin, he becomes inspired watching the Player fight monsters and decides to become an adventurer himself. After the Player leaves Elvenguard for Hendon Myre, Toby meets Guild Master Karakas in order to join the Adventurer's Guild to fulfill his aspiration.


  • Sells various items, in exchange for Carnelian.png Carnelian.


Item Level Binding Cost
No Icon.png Level Up Support Pouch 5 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Demon Invitation Box 10 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Purified Ice Wall Fragment 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Destruction Crystal.png Destruction Crystal 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Nightmare Orb 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Active Crystal.png Active Crystal 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
Kingdom's Secretary - Insight.png Kingdom's Secretary - Insight 1 Untradable 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Vitality Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Magic Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian
No Icon.png Multi Booster 2 Carnelian.png Carnelian



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