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Category:Mirror Arad Dungeons

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Another Arad
Another Arad.png
Location West Coast
Min. Level 55
Level 55-86
Monster Level 55-86
End Boss Varies depending on Dungeon
Another Arad Map
Another Arad Loading Screen

Another Arad is an area players can enter at level 55. It is an area in Mirror Arad's West Coast that consists of almost every single dungeon that was removed in the Great Metastasis of Arad.


We think they're dreams, and they think we are. Only if I could be one of them, so I could escape this harsh reality of ours... Find the clues to what is reality in this surreal place. Don't let more suffering be born into reality!


Dungeons in Another Arad that were not in NA DFO

Dungeon Name Level
Rollingstone.png Rolling Stone 55-86
Blackstone.png Black Stone 55-86
Redstone.png Red Stone 55-86
Elvenguardstreetfight.png Elvenguard Streets 55-86
Hendonmyrestreetfight.png Hendon Myre Streets 55-86
Empirerampart.png Imperial Castle Wall 55-86

Shared Missions

These are Missions that can appear in all Another Arad dungeons. For dungeon-specific Missions, refer to individual dungeon pages.