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Arsonist Bentinck

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Arsonist Bentinck

Arsonist Bentinck is the boss of Ghent Outskirts. He's a pyromaniac that specializes in using throwing items and fire.

Move List

  • Tosses a grenade that explodes on contact with anything
  • Tosses an oil flask. Works like the throwable item that can be used by players.
  • Throws two sets of oil flasks to the area infront of them, followed by a set of flame grenades, which will ignite the oil flask and inflict explosive & fire damage.
  • Casts super-armor and jumps into the air, throwing oil flasks and flame grenades around him.
  • Uses the flamethrower on his back to shoot fire at players. A multi-hitting attack that may cause the Burn status.
  • Is affected by gravity protection (like most APCs). If you air combo him long enough, his weight will eventually increase and he'll fall out of your aerial attacks.
  • Randomly casts super armor when attacking.


Compared to other Ghent bosses, Bentinck is relatively easy. This doesn't mean you should take him lightly, though - he is still capable of killing you extremely quickly if you're not careful.

  • The grenades that he throws count as projectile attacks on their own, and CAN cause damage and hitstun when it collides into players. However, the grenades themselves can be knocked back by attacks towards him.
  • The oil flasks that he throws CAN be ignited by player attacks, and thus, party members need to be careful not to burn their allies accidentally.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.