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Awakening (Dungeon)

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Location Time Gate
Min. Level 77
Level 77-80
Monster Level 80
End Boss Icon-Iris Fortune Singer.png  Iris Fortune Singer


You have traveled through time and experienced the events that happened in Arad. You now realize that all the evidence points to Iris Fortunesinger being the Mysterious Lady who had caused all these events. Upon confrontation, Iris disappears from town and you receive Sharan’s help to locate her. Is she really our friend? or is she another foe?


Map 1

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:

A2, E3
E1, A4
7 or 8



  • Glutton Daroo
  • Spotless Mind
  • Fallen Ignis
  • Fallen Aquajellow

Boss: Icon-Iris Fortune Singer.png  Iris Fortune Singer

Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Bracelet infused with the Song of Thunder.png A bracelet imbued with the song of Tiger Flash. Bracelet 80 M. Def. +4805
STR +36
VIT +91
Light Damage +4
Iris's Tears.png Iris's Tear Magic Stone 80 STR +54
INT +54
VIT +54
SPR +54
Tears of a puppet with a human mind. - Aganzo
Necklace infused with the Song of Fire.png Fire Monster Song Necklace Necklace 80 M. Def. +8008
INT +36
SPR +91
Fire Damage +4
Ring infused with the Song of Ice.png Water Dragon Song Enchanted Ring Ring 80 M. Def. +3203
STR +55
INT +55
Water Damage +4
Iris's Form - Battle Axe.png Iris's Form - Battle Axe Battle Axe 80 P. Atk. +1062
M. Atk. +751
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
Hit Rate +2 %
Iris's Image - Bowgun.png Iris's Form - Bowgun Bowgun 80 P. Atk. +696
M. Atk. +773
I. Atk. +529
STR +61
INT +31
All Elemental Damage +6
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Hit Rate +1 %
Napalm Skill Lvl + 2
Photon Bomb Skill Lvl + 2
Iris's Image - Wand.png Iris's Form - Wand Wand 80 P. Atk. +714
M. Atk. +1018
I. Atk. +529
INT +61
Magic Critical Chance +5 %
Nicholas Rapport Skill Lvl + 2
Vallacre the Slaughterer Skill Lvl + 2
Magical Strings - Mareritt.png Mystical Marrelete Staff 80 P. Atk. +840
M. Atk. +1062
I. Atk. +529
INT +61
All Elemental Damage +7