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Battle at Arden City

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Battle at Arden City
Battle at Arden City.png
Location Oceanic Express
Min. Level 74
Level 74-77
Monster Level 77
End Boss Don Enzo Sipo


The famous Battle at Arden City is fated to be where the Kartels make their final stand. Enzo Sipo has fought hard to hold the Kartels together, but the Dungeon Fighters and the Imperial Army are closing in on his stronghold. With so much on the line, the Battle of Arden is sure to decide the fate of Empyrean for years to come.


Normal map
Min. Fatigue Points: 10
Max. Fatigue Points: 13




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Kartel Leader's Ring.png Kartel Leader's Ring Ring 70 M. Def. +2851
STR +48
INT +48
HP MAX +330
Cyborg Kick.png Cyborg Kick Plate Armor Shoes 70 P. Def. +2673
STR +20
INT +20
VIT +22
Movement Speed +5.5 %
Mechanic Gloves.png Mechanic Gloves Sub Equipment 70 STR +32
INT +32
VIT +32
SPR +32
Arc Reactor(Weapon).png Arc Reactor(Weapon) Staff 70 P. Atk. +736
M. Atk. +930
I. Atk. +462
INT +54
Dusk Eye.png Dusk Eye Musket 70 P. Atk. +779
M. Atk. +678
I. Atk. +462
STR +54
INT +81
Attack Speed +2 %
Movement Speed +1 %
Casting Speed +3 %
Armor-piercing Bullets Skill Lvl + 2
Buster Shot Skill Lvl + 2
Armor-piercing Bullets Skill Lvl + 2
Buster Shot Skill Lvl + 2