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Black Dragon Tournament

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Black Dragon Tournament
Black Dragon Tournament.png
Location Suju Tournament Field
Min. Level 75
Level 75-86
Monster Level 75
End Boss Varies

Collecting items from enemies in this dungeon is a key requirement for the Second Awakening of any character.


The Black Dragon Tournament is Shonan's secret fighting contest. Most contenders are the cursed and mysterious owners of the even more mysterious towers. Most respectable fighters that value their reputations steer clear of the Black Dragon Tournament.


  • Entry Limit per day: 9 Times
  • Token Limit: 3 tokens for the entire tournament
  • Your Cube Skills will be put on cooldown at the start of the match. If you die they will not be on cooldown.
  • You fight 4 APC Opponents who are picked at random.
    • These APC opponents are from Floors 1-49 of Tower of Despair excluding every 10th floor(the player APC floors).
    • 46 different APC opponents in total.
  • Each opponent has a chance of dropping Black Dragon Energy.png Black Dragon Energy. It is not a guaranteed drop.
  • The End Card can give you 1-3 Black Dragon Energy.png Black Dragon Energy. On rare occasions, you may get more than 1.


For information on enemies see: Tower of Despair