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Blaze sprite.gif

Type TypeDemon.png
Family Hell Demon
Level unknown
Dungeons Hell Mode (Insane):
Time Gate dungeons
Power Station dungeons
Drops unknown
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The Fire Hell Demon. Specializes in the Fire element.

Move List

  • Flame Aura: Special Aura that causes Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) and deals damage if you stay to close Blaze for too long.
  • Meteor Drop: Summons a meteor to crash into the battlefield. The meteor's landing zone is marked by an orange spell circle. Landed meteors continuously spawn Adors until destroyed, and causes Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) to any players within its vicinity.
  • Ador Kamikaze: The Adors summoned from the Meteors can home in on a character and blow up.
  • Flame Bullets: Blaze shoots Flame Bullets from his hands that can home in your character. However, these do have a limited range and can be avoided.
  • Flames of Vengeance: A fire-nova like attack. Casts an expanding ring of fire that propagates from Blaze, knocking everything in range away from him and inflicts a high level Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).


  • Avoid staying close to Blaze for too long, as his melee attacks are strong and his Flame Aura will cause you to Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) continuously.
  • Dodge falling meteors whenever possible: they are capable of inflicting upwards of 1000 fire damage if they crash into you upon landing. Also, you can actually get stuck in the Meteors if they land directly on top of you, burning you and leaving you extremely vulnerable to Blaze's attacks, until you manage to free yourself by destroying the meteor. Meteors can hit you while they are airborne as well; don't try to dodge them by jumping as the direction they come from is random. (50/50 chance to get hit)
  • Destroy meteors as soon as possible as they can cause major problems: they block your way, hinder your vision, damages you when you are near it, and will spawn Adors periodically until destroyed. The more meteors that are dropped on the battlefield, the harder it is to get rid of them, as the Adors may be spawned faster than you can kill them.
    • In addition to the above, Blaze can force Adors to home in on one character and explode on them. Does not do a lot of damage, but the damage adds up VERY quickly if there's about 10 Adors on the battlefield. A potential 1-hit kill.
  • Upon casting Flame Bullets, Blaze cannot move for the duration of the spell. Take this brief moment to dodge and reposition yourself to a better position to attack him from. He cannot turn around during this move as well, so it's better to avoid this attack by moving behind him if possible.
  • Blaze almost always casts Flames of Vengeance upon getting up to push everything away from him. Move out of the way quickly after you've knocked him down.
  • Items that increase fire resistance (such as the charms that can be bought from Canna) are extremely useful in reducing the amount of Fire damage you receive from his attacks. Burn Recovery Potions help as well.
  • Blaze is highly resistant to fire damage, but weak against water damage.