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Burning Mana Set

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Set Effects


Weapon Magical Atk. +480
Independent Attack +550
MP MAX +1100

Skill MP consumption +10%

Damage reduction 10%

Damage from enemy consumes 2% MP

Each kills restores 1% MP

Intelligence +18%, MP -3% for 30 seconds. (Activates immediately upon equipping)


Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other Options
Elemental Burn Sash.png Elemental Burn Sash Cloth Belt 85 P. Def. +449
INT +31
SPR +31
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Power always comes with a price. - Grot
Magic Burn Trousers.png Magic Burn Trousers Cloth Bottom 85 P. Def. +1122
INT +51
SPR +51
Magical Critical Damage +15% (conditional)
Let's put more force into our attacks. - Soryun
Spell Burn Shoulder Pads.png Spell Burn Shoulder Pads Cloth Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +898
INT +41
SPR +41
This shoulder facilitates powerful attacks.
Soul Burn Shoes.png Soul Burn Shoes Cloth Shoes 85 P. Def. +673
INT +31
SPR +31
Movement Speed +6 %
Burning soulds? But souls don't burn. - Jay, looking serious
Mana Burn Robe.png Mana Burn Robe Cloth Top 85 P. Def. +1346
INT +51
SPR +51
Make the best use of your skills. - Arfin


  • This set was sold as a Welcome to Hell avatar-themed package during the Pre-order Sale period only exclusive to Agent before his class release date.


  • This Level 85 Epic Armor can have its exorcism and stats scaled to Level 100 by equipping Burning Blue Mana.png Burning Blue Mana.