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BwangaIcon.png Bwanga
Age 25 at the time of Old Screaming Cavern, current age is unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Legendary Grand Master
Alias N/A
Location Storm Pass
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Bwanga is one of the 4 legendary Grand Masters, and is known as the world's greatest Bludgeon master. He is also the Chief of the Bantus. Bwanga is an opponent in Bwanga's Camp, testing the Adventurer's strength to determine their worthiness in fighting Skaska.

During Season 3, Bwanga resided in the Northern Shelter


  • Quest Giver.


Request Chat

  • We Bantus don't trust outsiders easily, but when we do, we will even die for our friends.
  • It could be snowing or raining with thunderbolts streaking the sky. Humans could stand firmly on the ground, looking up at the sky. What an arrogant and impudent race! The greatest thing about Humans is their ignorance.

(Before Origin, in Northern Shelter)

  • I had a brother who was a decade younger than me.
When he was young, he used to follow me around like a baby duck would his mother. While I was away, he died fighting for our tribe. Sometimes I can't help but miss him.
Huh? No, I'm not sad. He died an honorable death as a great chief and warrior of Bantus.


Conversation start

Conversation end



BwangaPortrait.png BwangaIngame.png


Lunar Festival Summer Halloween Christmas

As an Enemy

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Icon-Bwanga.png Bwanga


Type TypeHuman.png
Class/Family Unknown
Level 51
Dungeons Endless Nightmare
Bwanga's Camp
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Bwanga in-game portrait


"You're a tough opponent, stranger. Show me what you've got. As Chief of the Bantus, I, Bwanga, will give you my all and make this worth your time."

One of the four legendary Grand Masters, Bwanga is the boss of Bwanga's Camp. He wields a fearsome blunt weapon, and as a consequence is the Bludgeon Master. In order to divine the last moments of Apostle Siroco's death, the player must face all of the Bantus' champions prior to fighting Bwanga himself. Be prepared, for this noble warrior shall bring forth all of his might to spare.

Move List

Techniques include:

  • Bwanga has a variety of melee attacks that include uppercuts, wide swings and downward smashes. Some of his melee attacks cause shockwaves, dealing extra damage; others will bounce opponents into the air. These attacks can easily smash the player to the ground, resulting in a floor-locked combo. Bwanga is always super-armored when using his melee attacks.
  • He will leap into the air before landing and crashing his bludgeon into the ground, causing an enormous full-screen shockwave which deals very high damage.
  • Star in the Sky: Glows blue and slowly vanishes, then reappears and quickly charges at the player from the other end of the screen. If Bwanga manages to collide into the player, he will launch his opponent and perform an extremely powerful Star in the Sky attack that inflicts heavy damage.
  • Charge Crash: If Bwanga is attacked just outside of his melee range or with projectiles, he will rush at the offender with a skill similar to Charge Crash. He has white afterimages when executing this attack and is extremely difficult to dodge.
  • Haste: When his health reaches critical amounts, Bwanga may cast Haste on himself after saying, "I'm raising my speed now." This will drastically increase his movement and attack speed.


  • All of Bwanga's attacks have a chance to inflict Stun. Hyper Jammers or Stun Recovery Potions will prove invaluable.
  • Due to his large weapon, Bwanga has a fairly long reach with his melee attacks; be wary when approaching him from the X-axis.
  • Melee combat with Bwanga is dangerous, as he is often super armored. Employ a lot of grab skills or simply attack him, then get out of his melee range. Blade Masters, however, can use Guard to defend themselves from Bwanga's swings; with Zanbato or Short Sword Mastery, it is even possible to Stun him out of his attack pattern.
  • In order to dodge Bwanga's leaping smash, the player can either jump or use Backstep with very precise timing.
  • Mages with Disenchant can strip Bwanga of his Haste effect once his health reaches critical, easing up the amount of pressure he can put on in the later stages of the fight.
  • If Bwanga is vanishing in order to use his Star in the Sky attack, simply move on the Y-axis. It is possible to grab him out of his charge, but the timing is extremely strict. However, a player can easily grab Bwanga out of the initial disappearing animation.
  • Bwanga is somewhat slow at first, so playing a hit-and-run strategy is a safe and easy route. Bwanga's combos have a high chance to kill low-defense characters, and due to his insane Stun rate, it is extremely difficult to break out of his attacks.
  • Grapplers can easily solo him if they keep their distance after executing their combos.
  • Range-oriented characters should attack Bwanga from a long enough distance that they still have time to move away once he Charge Crashes.
  • When fighting in a party, stay away from any teammates as he disappears into Star in the Sky. Since it is targeted at a single random individual, attempting to flee with an allied character may lead to Bwanga striking the both of them together.

Notes / Oddities

It is possible for Bwanga to break out of a stun-locking combo in order to crash into the player, although this rarely happens.